For Many, The CBD Is Working Wonders - Not Medical Advice!

I spent most of August in Italy, and starting in 2016 the Italian government began allowing high CBD, low THC joints, flower, and tinctures to become available for sale in stores.

The low THC requirement - no joint has more than 0.5% THC, which isn't enough to get you high, unless you were to smoke 10 or 20 of them in rapid succession, which is almost impossible - means growers focus on a high cannabidiol (CBD) yield, which is known for its non-psychoactive (doesn't get you high) purported health benefits.

A year after Italy's 2016 decision, the finalized USA farm bill under Trump offered similar legality to CBD-predominant hemp strains, and high quality CBD tinctures have since become available for sale in nearly every US state and territory. Yet, real differences in quality and potency remain, and the FDA's guidelines make it hard for honest manufacturers to even claim their product does any good... yet at least it's legal to sell and ship in all 50 states, with Swamp regulatory quirks aside, that is quite the miracle in government.

Aside from D.C. itself, East Coast states including Massachusetts, Maryland, and Florida have become major consumers of CBD products.

Italy was an eye opener: since high THC stuff was impossible to come by legally, I decided to get by on only a high quality CBD tincture, and at high daily doses, I was amazed to see my underlying health conditions (which is why I became a cannabis user years ago) actually evaporated by week two... I found myself with a new problem: what to do with perfect health while walking around Rome, and no desire or need to get high. My pain and nausea were gone, and still haven't returned as I write this from D.C.

There's more to the CBD than they are letting on, which is why it was illegal for so many years - even illegal to research at universities, in effect - and it's why regulators are still squirrely about it. This puts Big Pharma out of business. It's big.

But don't take our word for it - try the CBD, no medical advice or guarantees intended! Here's how: get our final batch (most has sold out!) of pet CBD tincture; try it on your pet for a few weeks and see what happens. Then come back to FULCRUM, as we are launching a whole new line of CBD focused on humans, not dogs and cats, in October.

Our pet tincture is manufactured using the highest quality equipment and practices in sunny Colorado, USA. The products we sell are GMO-free and rigorously lab tested for potency.

Happy Pets :)

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