FULCRUM WEEKEND: Ed Buck's Power Saw, Podesta's Epstein Problem, And Crypto Rallies

Hillary Clinton photographed with wealthy “mega-donor” Ed Buck.

Hillary Clinton photographed with wealthy “mega-donor” Ed Buck.

At day’s end, we were right about it all — Ed Buck, the creepy Democratic mega-donor with a powersaw and other dark accoutrements found in his West Hollywood apartment… black men were ending up dead at Buck’s apartment, of drug overdoses every time, and authorities finally stepped in after the third OD.

A close friend of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, Buck is cut from the same cloth as many other degenerates with money in the Democratic Party.

Jeffrey Epstein, another famous degenerate Clinton family friend, was arrested earlier this year — and then died of highly questionable circumstances, when he was found in his jail cell of a shattered neck — as if his vertebrae were fragile peanut brittle falling on a sidewalk.

Close friends of Epstein’s, aside from the Clintons, also included Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who celebrated with Epstein years after he served a prison sentence for soliciting sex from a child.

Is this why FULCRUM News and our founder have been so poorly treated by Google Search, and YouTube (which Google owns)?

It matters not—if nothing worthwhile comes easy, as they say, then FULCRUM’s growth in readership over the last nearly 3 years has been hard won. We have a large audience in spite of Big Tech, not thanks to Big Tech. And in our other fields of research, including cryptocurrencies, we stand massively vindicated. Bitcoin, and its biggest competitor Ethereum, did not fade away into the background after President Trump tweeted critically about cryptocurrency earlier this year.

Instead, cryptos have gradually roared back to life, with Bitcoin back above US $10,000 and Ether back over $210. The launch of the much awaited Bakkt futures for Bitcoin is now reportedly just days away, after months of waiting and regulatory hurdles. And BitPay, a leading merchant processor for Bitcoin that has clients including a major gold/silver web site and well-known airline travel web sites, has announced it will “soon” accept Ether as well, rather than only Bitcoin. Big news all around. (If you enjoy our crypto coverage and political research, get the newsletter as thousands of FULCRUM readers already do. Next issue out on Thursday! No one ties it all together quite like we do.)

And of course, John Podesta hasn’t slipped away just yet. His direct ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the Island could prove quite troubling for the Democratic lobbyist—

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