YouTube Changes Mind: No Free Speech Before 2020, Plus Bitcoin / Ether Get Huge Boost From SAMSUNG

What do we have here? Objectively speaking, and in no particular order:

MASS CENSORSHIP. Nearly three years after the Podesta Emails were published by WikiLeaks, the entire topic has become something of a 'Tiananmen Square' level event in the West—you almost aren't even allowed to mention it on social media! The only corporate media anchor on TV to mention the emails’ weird code language, just in passing during a CBS segment on the 2016 WikiLeaks, subsequently ‘vanished’ from the air and nearly all of his social media for a year after that segment. What the fuck is this! YouTube has decided FULCRUM's YouTube channel, as well as Infowars' channel, will not be coming back after all. They still won’t explain which Community Guidelines our legally vetted, truthful journalism channel ran afoul of. You're not allowed to read truthful WikiLeaks in America on video, which means we are not currently entirely free. It seems we haven’t had true viral video online in about 2 years, which is unsettling—and borderline terrifying when you really stop to ponder it.

John Podesta and Hillary should be in PRISON, but that doesn't occur in a society where we are not free to even discuss their emails and alleged crimes on Google-owned YouTube, by far the world’s dominant online video platform, accounting for more than 90% of all videos viewed in many countries and jurisdictions.

Large online research communities on Reddit which chose to focus on Pizzagate, the Podesta WikiLeaks, and related allegations of elite criminality were simply vaporized, due to nebulous and unevenly enforced community guidelines violations.

Some MSM-fed normie comes along inevitably and will say, "you shouldn't spread that harmful fake news, it caused a patsy to 'shoot up' the pizza shop that was mentioned in the Podesta Emails!" - he didn't harm anyone, not even one person, and the only property damaged was - miraculously - the pizza shop's computer hard drive. So convenient that law enforcement never had to look through the contents of that deviant’s hard drive, since it was shattered by the only bullet the gunman fired!

Which brings us to the next problem facing voters ahead of 2020's elections:

RIGGED LAW ENFORCEMENT? If the F.B.I. suddenly wants to get to the bottom of the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile island super-scandal, they should be asking people in their own agency. Why was Epstein made a protected informant by the F.B.I.? Why did they know what he was up to for reportedly more than fifteen YEARS, and not do anything until roughly now? Why has Epstein's sprawling New Mexico ranch remained uninvestigated and unsearched for MONTHS? (which is almost unheard of practice in modern-day law enforcement.)

State and local law enforcement are "mystified" as to why the well-connected pedophile billionaire's American properties were not immediately searched by authorities. Months of time is more than enough for accomplices or underlings to clear every piece of legally relevant evidence, and they likely have by now.

The Department of Justice is, some say, looking into how it can crack down on those talking about John Podesta's pedophilic WikiLeaks, instead of investigating the emails themselves. Not freedom right there, censorship and crack downs on free speech are not freedom. And in light of the national focus now on child sex trafficking in the wake of Epstein’s bizarrely timed death, and in light of John Podesta and the Clintons having been in direct contact with Epstein, there is nothing “fringe” about wanting to connect the dots in 2019 — nearly three years after the emails broke, and may have shifted an election in Donald J. Trump’s favor on that fateful election day.

And why is Epstein dead? It increasingly looks and feels possibly like a cold-blooded murder of a man who had the dark details on many others. To believe both Metropolitan Correctional Center cameras went out and he just was able to randomly snap his own neck, without any of the relevant supplies - these are things I just don't believe. I don't believe Attorney General Barr any more; I think this is a cover-up or a botched investigation, not a proper investigation.

Why has Barr kept Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's alleged accomplice and close friend, free for weeks after the arrest of Epstein? How does a very free Ghislaine Maxwell popping up in tabloids and newspapers restore our faith in the "status blind" justice system?

Why did Barr go after Julian Assange - why is Assange still rotting in solitary confinement in the UK for 23 hours per day? Why isn't he interviewed by the DOJ in the US — instead of rotting indefinitely in UK solitary? And why isn’t he asked in a formal capacity about the Podesta and Hillary WikiLeaks, which are real emails? Why aren't investigations of Podesta and Hillary opened up, based on those emails?

Why are the heroes being systematically silenced, and the suspected child molesters are still free, and the big truthful YouTube channels are all banned ahead of critical national elections. Is this freedom?

RIGGED MONEY. The Rothschilds and other banking families are all still completely free. The fact they were the primary funders and backers of the Clintons is just conveniently swept under the rug, along with everything else WikiLeaks revealed in 2016. Nothing to see here!

These handful of families have more money than the rest of us could ever hope to have, and their money isn't proof-of-work generated. In other words, they didn't mine it, they didn't work hard for it or sacrifice any existing property or time for it; they invented it out of thin air, and have created a remarkably complex system where the rest of us have to scramble for it as they toast each other at their wine parties!

Incredible that the masses still tolerate this folly.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 family of smartphones is winning over crypto enthusiasts for its forward thinking inclusion of Bitcoin and Ether via an available SAMSUNG Galaxy wallet app.

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 family of smartphones is winning over crypto enthusiasts for its forward thinking inclusion of Bitcoin and Ether via an available SAMSUNG Galaxy wallet app.

Thankfully, change is afoot - leading smartphone manufacturer SAMSUNG, which is especially dominant in Asian markets, has announced Bitcoin and Ether (the world's 2 largest cryptocurrencies, by market capitalization) will be able to be stored on the S10 and future smartphone models, thanks to an available wallet app that SAMSUNG has launched. At first, it was believed only Ether and Ethereum ERC-20 compatible tokens would be able to be stored on the wallet, but SAMSUNG has reportedly since broadened the wallet to include Bitcoin capability as well.

Slow progress, but the progress made is real. Cryptocurrency - peer to peer money that is "mined" into being over time, requiring sacrifice and accountability - is gradually giving the financial elite families a run for their money. Literally.

We'll see what happens, and as with the Podesta Emails, crypto is a topic we will cover 'til the bitter or glorious end. Be sure to get our newsletter so you don’t miss in-depth coverage throughout the week from D.C. Real news is invaluable in these rapidly changing times!