FULCRUM WEEKEND: Censorship Is This Season's Big Tech Must-Have, As Alex Jones Fades Into Oblivion

Big Tech has learned little, if anything, since 2016.

Big Tech has learned little, if anything, since 2016.

Stardate 2019, September 7 and the censorship down on Earth continues unabated. President Trump's recent 'social media summit,' which many thought would be the day of liberation for the social media blacklisted — including us at FULCRUM, Infowars, Alex Jones, and Roger Stone — instead was a day of highlighting oddballs and giving Bill Mitchell brief access to the White House.


How is Big Tech top-down censorship of conservatives, independents, and those who called out John Podesta or Hillary Clinton too loudly - how is this acceptable to the electorate heading into the crucial 2020 national elections?

Leading Trump supporters and debunkers of leftist thought spam literally do not have a voice any more in some cases, and the Trump administration would not be burdened by demanding that Google-owned YouTube, Twitter Inc, and other social media platforms start to play fair and restore silenced voices heading into the elections.

Yet no such call has come from the administration, leading a subscriber of game theory to conclude the Trump administration doesn't want any such lifting of speech restrictions on the Internet, and that's odd.

The whole thing is odd. Having to go through the last two years a silenced man, because I read an unelected official's WikiLeaks — it seems a punishment has been imposed for something that is not a crime. Roger Stone found his Twitter account permanently deleted shortly after calling out Podesta — the man whose emails were published by WikiLeaks — as a "pedophile."

Alex Jones' Infowars network permanently lost its YouTube and Facebook perches the day they began to wade back into Podesta Emails waters.

It is vexing, at this point, to have to go through adult life as someone blacklisted from media when media was my specialty. It is vexing that the media guard hasn't changed at all nationally in nearly three years; Maddow is still peddling her nightly batshit hysteria, Will Sommer is still on the ground in D.C. looking to humiliate Trump supporters in the heartland, and Pizzagate believers anywhere on the planet.

The guard never changed, the Swamp was never drained - the Podesta family is still a top employer in the Washington area, and the whole city is awash in Soros money as if the disruptive populist election of 2016 never even happened.

Things must not be as they seem at all.

And when we occasionally pierce through the censorship force field, it is clear there's an audience that still wants this information — our recent article connecting John Podesta directly to Epstein's island and unpacking the meaning of "carisjames," that article has already been Liked 12,000 times on Facebook, with many shares.

Online viral video has not existed in an unrestricted form for the last two years, with YouTube (thanks to a recent James O'Keefe / Project Veritas exposé) apparently instituting manual search result edits and keyword lists to edit reality as it comes in, essentially. Terms like "Clinton body count" have reportedly been subject to the manual Google/YouTube backend edit.

Over the last two years, the American populace has been preoccupied with economic growth and an ever more efficient economy - an economy that is heating up domestically at a time when rivals including China are witnessing the early stages of a possible treacherous slowdown in their economic demand.

During this time, news consumer behavior has changed, people don't spend as much time watching online video since it is so heavily whitewashed and censored.

If this theory holds true, as we near the elections, traffic to independent text news sites like FULCRUM should skyrocket. People aren't sifting through information on their laptops and work desktops; many are presumably reading from a smartphone on the go, and FULCRUM's short, truthful, hard-hitting, legally vetted articles may find the lucrative broader audience. Keep sharing. Keep demanding justice for the criminality WikiLeaks pointed to three years ago. Make-upped creeps on the nightly news panels no longer dictate the national dialogue. All of us do.

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