The Trump Effect (Pink's Opinion)

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The beginning of how Trump factor changed politics

When 2016 began I have to admit I didn't really give politics a lot of thought. 

Voting was something that was a quick duty, a quickly judged first impression of whoever was running. 

Obama and Bush were my first votes, and a lot of it was swayed by the other impressions people had. 

Back then, Twitter and media wasn't at the height of it's day. It was a subpar platform at best perhaps. 

But the day Trump announced his Run, it changed. 

At first, I didn't know what to make of it. I did scoff, at first. Then I realized he was serious and it began to whip the internet into a frenzy. 

Never before had a reaction been so viral, it charged every conversation with friends and relatives. No one initially believed it would become much more than a publicity stunt. 

Then I watched Trump speak about the veterans and police. I watched him speak of the frustration with the policies and the struggle that people are going through just to be able to fulfill a dream of a small business. I mulled over it.  He spoke bluntly, but with meaning. 

The media attacks deepened the intrigue. How can one man, send the media in such a panic? 

Over the next few months I was more and more convinced he was the right person to fix our country. Obama may have been an excellent orator but Donald Trump meant what he said. His words carried the weight of a feather, miles away. 

How can a business man change such complexities within the United States? How can a business man rebuild trust, when making the economy better was the biggest vote gamble every voter hinges hope in? 

The answer is the Trump factor. 

One man spoke about HOPE, but without the hollowness of a seasoned orator. One man dared to give up a comfortable life to change things he didn't agree with. That in itself spoke a lot to me. 

November 8th, 2016 began a journey of a thousand miles.

The day of inauguration was a beautiful day. Melania’s blue coat. A serene and solemn atmosphere. But oh,  that was just the beginning of so much more. 

Shortly after policies began running effect, about six months, the Media attacked relentlessly but Trump rolled up sleeves and worked. For someone who donated his salary, he worked. Relentlessly. The illegal border crossings fall. Food stamp usage fell. Stock market record closings. Patriotism making it's way back mainstream. I felt optimistic, despite the fake news and it's constant stream of attacks. For the first time in my entire adult life I felt optimistic about the economy. For someone who graduated at the height of the Bush economy with gas at $6 a gallon and high unemployment, we are finally recovering. 

It's always the things unspoken in media given it's bias but-- it's effect is a ripple in the pond. 


That is the Trump effect.

A man who gave up a lifestyle to sacrifice making America great again. 

Our journey has only begun…