Written by @Pink_about_it

With the much anticipated release of the JFK files, on October 26th 2017's dump the USG only released about 2,500 files and yet to release more. 

Not very much was contained within the files, but it still had some interesting takeaways. Some, that still spark relevant questions for today's society. 

Takeaway 1: 

Over 40 journalists were undercover CIA aiding in the use of fake news to keep a lid on the investigation. 

Interesting. How many are there today? 


Takeaway 2: 

Mafia involvement. Statement of the attorney general with concern that mafia involvement would make it harder to prosecute individuals down the road. 

Does this go on even today? How many of the media and politicians are in bed with mafia figures?



Takeaway 3:

More than 1 shooter. In fact, record indicates there were 2, from position bullet entered to hole in the windshield.



Takeaway 4: 

Lee Harvey Oswald was a former CIA agent. 



Takeaway 5: 

The USG wanted a story given to make sure public believed Oswald was the shooter. 

Again, undercover CIA agents infiltrated in the media were employed that task.


Takeaway 6:

Plan for Fidel Castro assassination by botulism pills. 


Takeaway 7:

CIA involvement of shipping of arms from US to Dominican Republic, to aid in assassination of Gen. Trujillo.

Sounds a lot like some of the things we have seen go on today, like the infamous Iran cash deal. 



This is just the small amount of information gleaned from what was released. Until more is analyzed and released I predict no truly huge bombshells until then. 

But if there was that much information and archives for just one shooter and a simple open and shut case for Lee Harvey Oswald, one would surmise that there wouldn't be so much in-depth paperwork OR kept under wraps after all these years. 

What else is hiding in the files?

Time will tell. 

All sources and and files can be found at: