The Young Turks  gets millions in funding from a social friend and supporter of John Podesta.

The Young Turks gets millions in funding from a social friend and supporter of John Podesta.

Hollywood, please fall into the ocean and never come back.

After decades of sexual abuse by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was revealed by The New York Times, FULCRUM investigators gave a fresh look to some pre-election coverage and commentary which mentioned both John Podesta and Harvey Weinstein.

One article, from the Hollywood Reporter back in October, shines an ugly light on the close alliance between Hollywood, John Podesta, and the Clinton camp.

Although every line of their article is worth reading and analyzing, this part bothered me the most:

"Really enjoyed the time together," Katzenberg wrote March 12, 2015, to Podesta of a joint L.A. meeting with political consultant Andy Spahn. Spahn later wrote to campaign manager Huma Abedin and Podesta, saying Katzenberg would like to meet with Clinton in NYC. "She … probably should. She hasn't engaged with him in a while," Abedin replied to Podesta on March 25.

Jeffrey Katzenberg recently raised many millions for The Young Turks, a popular LA-based YouTube channel, so that they can continue their attacks on President Trump - and continue their lame dismissals and cover-ups of Democratic criminality.

The Wall Street Journal reported that The Young Turks plan to use the money to "double the size of its newsroom and business operations."

They should return that filthy Hollywood elite money, but you know they won't.

Again, Hollywood, please fall into the ocean. Take the pedophiles and Clinton cover-up freaks and witches "casting hexes" on Donald Trump with you. We try to avoid poor language here on FULCRUM - editorial policy - but Hollywood:

Go fuck yourselves.

America is waking up and our patience for sickos and liars in Hollywood has evaporated. We expect 2018 to be one of the worst years on record for the box office.