Vice President Pence Walks Out Of NFL Game In Protest!

Vice President Mike Pence reportedly walked out of a Colts game, following continued player "protest" of their own nation's flag and military.

Good for Mike Pence.

VP Pence issued a statement after leaving today's NFL game

VP Pence issued a statement after leaving today's NFL game

The NFL is acting in a manner that is unfitting of a professional sports league in the United States.

Although a former CIA officer interviewed by David Seaman randomly threw out the claim that Pence is a part of the global Luciferian pedophile ring, FULCRUM investigators have been able to find no such evidence or leanings.

Are former CIA officers even less trustworthy than current pro-Obama, pro-Lucifer, pro-Soros CIA officers?

We don't know, but one thing we know for sure: The Young Turks taking millions of dollars from a close Hollywood supporter and friend of John Podesta is inappropriate, especially when their channel has weirdly evolved into the "No Global Pedophile Ring Here, Move Along Citizen!" propaganda network.

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Pizzagate is very real.

Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, is a suspected serial pedophile and known occult practitioner.

To convince more than 200,000 viewers that Pizzagate is a "fake" "conspiracy" "theory" obliterates the reputation of everyone involved in The Young Turks.

There's a storm ahead. We guarantee it.