2018: Year of the 'Parallel Society' (Don't Call It Collapse)

Don't you dare call it a financial collapse. It is much more akin to an Awakening, or a modern day financial Renaissance. The old systems still work, sort of--the banks, the debit cards, the rectangles of paper with dead leaders' faces printed on them and serial numbers and unknown secretive elite ownership of the bank's books...

Similarly, the old media still works, sort of--it's a farce and a dishonest play, Russiagate is not substantively real in any way, nor is it a pressing national security threat--but to millions of viewers of the networks, that is still "reality." Reality TV, maybe.

Yet, to millions of Internet connected "thinkers" (for lack of a better word for what we are collectively), the nightly news theatre will no longer do. And the funny money bused around by various serious looking people in antiquated suits, with antiquated offices and political affiliations and skyscrapers and ad budgets... when the young people are just trading cryptos on their phones. They figured out Prometheus' fire for the modern age--blockchain based currency--and they won't let it go, that much is clear.

So where does that leave our civilization?

Millions of us wake up every morning, believe the banking system is mostly sound, go to work, go to school, and don't think much more of it.

Yet millions of us wake up every morning, knowing the banking system is a sham orchestrated by unelected pompous disgusting elite families who just happened to be close to the national money printing presses at the right time, way back when... and the other 7.5 billion of us are sick of it.

Dominating central banking was an easier task back when the U.S. population nationally was less than 10 million total, and when Europe was in a near constant state of disarray--and pre-Internet. They controlled the press. They no longer do. 

With proper free floating cryptographic currencies, social news communities like FULCRUM (Facebook, Twitter, GAB) and of course the push toward censorship-proof video platforms like Bitchute, it is inevitable that the people take back the narrative.

And in so doing, the culture, the politics, and the money all inevitably follow.

Different World Order ahead. These disgusting old families have earned the disruptions underway, but it's worth noting these disruptions are primarily technological (online video, Internet media, fast cryptocurrency) rather than ideological.

This is important to keep in mind. Although the rapid changes underway and rapid shift in consumer behaviors may seem startling, it's no true ideological revolution: we aren't tossing capitalism for some unknown other format. We aren't tossing individualism for a return to communalism.

Instead, the tools are being upgraded swiftly, and that's causing many of us to feel like more upgraded and more Awakened users of those tools--which is changing our behaviors. Feedback loop. And that change in behavior and self-identity (knowing we are in charge, not 90 year olds in a globalist cult) intensifies and hardens the feedback loop. Out with the paper checks, in with the cryptocurrency addresses. Out with the banks, in with the blockchains and wallets. Out with the Cabal, in with whoever has enough money and social media following to outstrip whatever existing order has most of the media and money behind it.

Trump and his team, despite the several areas where he Still Has Not Delivered, grasped that reality and brought it to ultimate fruition: a man with no prior political experience runs for President on the basis of his personal wealth, and on the strength of his Twitter following. He wins. The establishment reels in terror, but there's nothing they can do now. Trump realized a mathematical opportunity, and he took it.

The populace at large, through our emerging parallel societies, is doing the same exact thing. Why consume their media at night? It's garbage and we'd rather create and consume our own at night after work. Why elect their politicians any more, or follow their celebrities? We have our own celebrities, our own politicians, our own news brands. The establishment is dead, a victim of entropy and incompetence. It will never return.

And for that, I'm very grateful. FULCRUM's traffic grows by leaps and bounds, because this parallel society is bursting at the seams, eager for its recognition and validation. It's real. It's growing. And it can't be denied or swept under the rug by soulless make-upped things on the nightly news networks for much longer.