FULCRUM News The 10 - Episode 14!

FULCRUM News The 10 (with David Seaman) — brand new episode from DC, paypal.me/davidseaman to keep us going strong. China goes Bitcoin, Pres. Trump gets booed by thousands at Nationals game, and more in this episode. David Seaman was a regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Coast to Coast, HuffPost LIVE, and elsewhere. His book on Kindle is “Lighting The Way: Decentralized Politics, Cryptocurrency, and Abundance in the 21st Century.” Patreon: patreon.com/davidseaman (nearing 100 Monthly supporters, thank you!)

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FULCRUM News The 10 - Episode 10! Bitcoin Vs. Dollar

FULCRUM News The 10 (with David Seaman) — brand new episode from DC discussing Bitcoin versus the centralized dollar system. David Seaman was a regular guest on the Joe Rogan Experience, Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Coast to Coast, HuffPost LIVE, and elsewhere. His book on Kindle is “Lighting The Way: Decentralized Politics, Cryptocurrency, and Abundance in the 21st Century.”

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Bitcoin And Ethereum Market Update! Bulls Back In Town?

Aside from the election of Donald J. Trump back in 2016, few things have remained a focus of as much controversy — and debate — as the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin back above US $10,000 on major exchanges, and Ether above $210.

Bitcoin back above US $10,000 on major exchanges, and Ether above $210.

Some on the Internet love it, some hate it, some see it as a cure to all of the world's problems... others see it as a quick profit opportunity.

Whatever you think of it, we are more than a DECADE out from the moment when Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first version of Bitcoin's software, back in January 2009 to limited attention and praise at the time.

It hasn't gone away.

The central banks and many governments have sounded off on their views of this new asset class, yet it has not gone away, and it is not likely to at this point.

Big financial institutions including E*Trade and Fidelity have begun building storage, or custodial, services for the users of the leading cryptos, which include Bitcoin and Ether at the moment.

Bitcoin, the first crypto, has a simple economic schedule: coins are produced or "mined" throughout time by a mining network of participating computers. Mining gets more difficult over time, and the supply of new coins produced as a mining reward is cut in half approximately every 4 years, making supply scarce over time. The number of total coins in the Bitcoin network is capped at an eventual 21 million, and at that point, no new coins will be created. Instead, it is presumed that a market will form around the circulating coins available at that point in time, but we are still many years away from that date.

To receive, send, or store Bitcoins for the long term, you don't need a bank account. Numerous free wallet apps exist for Samsung and Apple smartphones, making daily purchases a breeze. The Flexa app, for example, even lets cryptocurrency users spend their Bitcoin or Ether at leading US merchants including Whole Foods, Petco, and Starbucks, to name a few big names participating in the Flexa project. The process of paying with crypto is almost identical to using Google Pay or Apple Pay, as it uses the same contactless technology on your iPhone or Samsung phone.

Sending and receiving Ether is very similar to the Bitcoin experience, except that more Ether exist in the world today, and currently the supply of Ether is not capped - although it is mined over time by computers, in a competitive process similar in many ways to Bitcoin's simpler mining routine.

With Ether, it is a P2P money like Bitcoin, but also the "fuel" for hundreds of decentralized apps or "dApps" as they're called, which run without censorship or interference on Ethereum's blockchain. Messing with them or knocking them offline is essentially impossible without taking on Ethereum's blockchain itself, which is secured by many millions of dollars in specialized mining hardware.

Some of these dApps include Livepeer, a decentralized video livestreaming encoding and hosting service, Cent, a blog publishing network on the blockchain similar to Medium, and NEXO, an "automated" bank-like lender that takes in your crypto deposit and immediately (or within minutes) issues you a credit line in your local fiat currency (US dollars or euros, for example) dependent on the amount of cryptocurrency you deposit. Very cool innovations, running 24/7 without any strong possibility of being knocked offline.

Both Ether and Bitcoin are talked about frequently in the weekly research newsletter, which you can sign up for at https://fulcrumnews.com/subscribe.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yet this is the future, and those who can't see it will become the new servant class sooner than any of us can accept, I'm afraid. These dApps and monetary networks are here to stay, it appears.

The Ethereum World Computer explained in 1 min., 28 seconds:

“Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, fraud or third party interference. Ethereum is how the Internet was supposed to work: it's a censorship-proof planetary scale computer, where users always stay in control of their funds and personal data.”

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Epstein Found Unconscious In Jail Cell; Bitcoin Back Above US $10,000

Jeffrey Epstein found in the “fetal position” in his cell.

Jeffrey Epstein found in the “fetal position” in his cell.

What you need to know this Thursday… As we reported on Facebook earlier, billionaire Democrat pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found in his Manhattan jail cell unconscious in a “fetal position,” with apparent injuries to his neck. He was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment.

Have the Clintons already tried to get to him? Oh, sorry, that’s a “conspiracy theory” — except it’s not at all. Seth Rich was the most likely source for the sick Satanic pedophile emails released just days before the 2016 election, humiliating Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and the rest of her campaign. Rich was shot to death here in D.C., in what authorities had hastily deemed a “botched robbery,” without his possessions or money in his wallet having been stolen… Weird. Almost not a robbery at all, but a hit in retaliation for ruining Podesta’s secrecy around his sick spiritcooking and pizza obsession?

Millions of us have read those emails, and we will never be silent until the people in the emails — namely, the Podestas — see their day in court. These are not elites; they are degenerates in a sad alleged child abuse ring.

In other news, Bitcoin lunged back above US $10,000, currently trading around $10,017 per coin, according to coincap.io. Ethereum saw gains over the last 24 hours also, with Ether trading around $221.15 each.

Why might Ethereum be significant? This short 1 min, 28 second video does a great job of showing the eventual scale of blockchain technology, as Ethereum envisions it anyway —

Mueller "Key Witness" Charged With Child Sex Trafficking — THIS IS PIZZAGATE, IT'S HAPPENING

If you see something, say something: even  The Atlantic  sees some truth in all the allegations.

If you see something, say something: even The Atlantic sees some truth in all the allegations.

How can anyone, even big liberal magazines who despise “conspiracy theories” and right-wing paranoia of all flavors, not see something here? In fact, even they admit there is something here! The Atlantic recently praised FULCRUM’s outspoken founder:

Just this morning, President Donald Trump told reporters that Alex Acosta was stepping down as Secretary of Labor amid mounting outrage over the sweetheart deal he gave Epstein years ago as a federal prosecutor. The resignation will surely draw more attention to what Epstein got away with over the years—and who helped him.

It should not come as a surprise that some of America’s most outspoken conspiracists have spent the days since Epstein’s arrest taking victory laps.

“I definitely see it as a moment of vindication,” David Seaman, a chief proponent of the so-called Pizzagate conspiracy theory, told me. “I think this is a turning point.”

Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire alleged child sex trafficker, is in lock-up on similar charges in the Southern District of New York as George Nader, the D.C. businessman “who served as a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation now faces a charge of child sex trafficking in addition to transporting child pornography,” according to the AP and Yahoo! News.

Nader was reportedly charged “with transporting a 14-year-old boy from Europe to Washington, D.C., in February 2000 and engaging in sex acts with him.”

Nader is not expected to be the only personality mentioned in the Mueller report to be charged with engaging in underage sex acts.

This is PizzaGate, or Pedogate as some have taken to calling it, and this is our community’s moment of vindication — we stood with the uncomfortable truth, which is what good researchers and trained journalists are supposed to do. We didn’t buckle under pressure, we didn’t take money to distract the public with QANON riddles or feel-good “hopeporn,” we stood by the big uncomfortable truth:

These people rape kids. The so-called elite lobbying class engages in underage sex acts, on a scale that many members of the public will have trouble accepting.

In our other areas of research lately, including CBD health and cryptocurrency markets, we stand even more vindicated — a research team here in Washington, DC with no evident equals.

Wild cryptocurrency rally in 2019, few were expecting it aside from FULCRUM — and our subscribers!

Wild cryptocurrency rally in 2019, few were expecting it aside from FULCRUM — and our subscribers!

Our book on cryptocurrency’s current state of affairs was released last year, when Ether was trading around $140 each. As of today, one Ether is worth $226.18, according to coincap.io. Aside from Ether, we have been most bullish on Bitcoin, which has done spectacularly this year — at a time when many in the truth community lost the faith, and asserted that Bitcoin’s brightest days were behind it.

Over the prior six months, one Bitcoin is up nearly 200% in US dollar value.

And major US merchants including Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Petco have begun accepting Bitcoin, Ether, and some other leading cryptos via the Flexa app.

Different world from a year ago, and we called it accurately, repeatedly, and in earnest.

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Bitcoin And Ether Rise Modestly After Trump Tweets "Not A Fan" of Cryptos

Bitcoin and Ether rising, even after a Presidential zinger

Bitcoin and Ether rising, even after a Presidential zinger

It may be that any attention is better than no attention here; in the hours after President Trump tweeted the following string of thoughts on Bitcoin and currency, leading cryptocurrency networks Bitcoin and Ethereum saw modest gains in US dollar value.

“Not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money…”

“Not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money…”

The obvious reaction to these tweets would be to become bearish on crypto’s possible future in the USA, but due to the Flexa app, major US merchants including Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble already accept Bitcoin, Ether, and other leading cryptos.

Market watchers may be parsing the President’s words very closely here: he didn’t say or suggest he wanted to ban these technologies, he just expressed he’s “not a fan” of them. Tolerance is bullish!

Also, he uses the word “Unregulated,” and at least for US users on a platform like Gemini or Coinbase, those are very regulated businesses, not rogue fintech startups. So, Trump could be criticizing primarily crypto activities at the fringes of the economy, and not mainstream investment in blockchain adoption, which is occurring, regardless of who is a fan of it.

People understand now that central bank fiat usury is not freedom, and that proof-of-work is one of the only valid ways to issue a token or money fairly. Big businesses seem to understand this also, or there wouldn’t be such investment and acceptance from leading merchants — no one loves fiat, they’re just forced to use it.

Modest gains for Ether in the hours after the President’s tweets regarding cryptocurrency.

Modest gains for Ether in the hours after the President’s tweets regarding cryptocurrency.

What do you think? Is President Trump on the warpath against crypto, or are you hopeful he’ll continue to allow it? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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Trump Criticizes Federal Reserve Again As Cryptocurrencies Exceed $330 Billion

According to CoinMarketCap.com, all cryptocurrency assets (including Bitcoin and Ethereum) in total are worth about US $330 billion as of writing this. One Bitcoin is again trading above US $11,000.

If the Federal Reserve is the economic villain… is Bitcoin good?

If the Federal Reserve is the economic villain… is Bitcoin good?

One Ether, the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, trades for $311. And many other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin and Zcash, also command significant market values.

With this backdrop of cryptocurrency acceptance growing rapidly, and growing acceptance by major US merchants including Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks, President Trump has renewed his attacks on the Federal Reserve, this time with two tweets published earlier today:


President Trump seems to be arguing that, in effect, the Fed is keeping the Dollar too rare, and interest rates too high - which is making the US economy less competitive against countries like China, which can and do “ease” as additional currency supply becomes needed.

If Trump is angry that the Dollar is too rare, and if he is successful in convincing the Fed to print more dollars, that may be good news for Bitcoin fans - no matter how much quantitative easing the Fed engages in to grow the economy, and no matter how many more dollars are pumped into the market, Bitcoin’s supply will remain at a capped eventual 21 million.

Exciting times for those of us sick of the financial system status quo. If only Trump would hold up that Bitcoin and smile for the camera like the altered image above!

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Moon In Sight? Bitcoin 24 Hour Trading Volume Nears $20 Billion Worldwide

24 hour trading volume of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, sits at near US $19.4 billion according to CoinMarketCap.com. Now, some Doubting Thomases in the crypto world have said that CoinMarketCap’s volume averages can be highly inaccurate, and so for comparison’s sake their competitor CoinCap.io shows Bitcoin’s 24 hour trading volume at near US $7 billion… significantly less, but still a tidal wave of interest in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin crushed through $9,700 earlier tonight. Is this it?!!

Bitcoin crushed through $9,700 earlier tonight. Is this it?!!

Less than a week ago, CoinDesk noted that Bitcoin has hit 1 million daily active addresses again, for the first time since November 2017.

If cryptocurrency is your passion, you’ll be pleased to know that FULCRUM has further plans for working with the blockchain… it’s essential for our content to persist if censorship escalates, so every post here on FULCRUM will for now on also get mirrored over on our Cent page. Cent is a wonderful new blog network, similar to Medium, except it’s decentralized and works with the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, we are posting more often and engaging with users all the time on our Minds page, an exciting alternative to Facebook that runs using Ethereum’s blockchain also! Decentralized Web3 is starting to provide real competition to Big Tech, and we think Cent and Minds are two fantastic examples of how new social networks can be built, and grow with better aligned incentive structures.

On Facebook, “you are the product,” as they say, since advertisers are Facebook’s paying customers. On Minds and Cent, there are various ways that users can earn points or cash for posting interesting content. It’s an exciting shift, from an advertiser-driven model, to a more decentralized kind of “crypto patron” model that relies on each other, instead of somewhat predatory multinational corporations getting into our heads, then marketing to us knowing our every preference and fear.

Zcash Rises 11% As Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Take A Pause

We've been placing some fairly substantial buys of Zcash (ZEC) this morning.

The “other” coin on Gemini and Coinbase Pro, Zcash (ZEC).

The “other” coin on Gemini and Coinbase Pro, Zcash (ZEC).

ZEC trades on Gemini in the US, and on Coinbase Pro for institutions and professional traders (see https://blog.coinbase.com/zcash-zec-is-launching-on-coinbase-pro-b925309ce09c).

With all the political instability in China and the tensions with Hong Kong, as well as rising political instability in the world, I think the world is finally ready for a privacy coin. Aside from having a feature that lets you send "shielded" transactions to another user or address you specify, it functions similar as Bitcoin, and in fact relies on much of the Bitcoin core codebase.

When a transaction is sent shielded, details such as the amount are kept encrypted and can’t be seen by third parties without the view key. For public tipping addresses and other unshielded activity, you can create a “transparent” Zcash address in your wallet, which will always begin with the pre-fix t. (Non-transparent addresses begin with the pre-fix z.)

A market leader like Gemini offering ZEC to their customers for trade tells me it's not a shitcoin, and despite a nice run-up lately, it is still a battered coin in terms of value versus a year ago...

ZEC is down about 35% from this time a year ago, which makes it a potential bargain in my personal opinion, given my personal high risk tolerance for trying out new crypto technologies.

Compare that to Litecoin (LTC), which also trades on Gemini, and which is up about 160% from this time a year ago, despite being an older coin without the exciting built-in privacy features of Zcash.

I look for values, not only risks.

Plus, maintaining your financial privacy is becoming a do or die prospect for nearly everyone on the planet - in China, the wrong transaction means you can be sent to prison, and while in prison even have your organs harvested so that some old politically connected piece of garbage can see using your eyes or live using your heart.

And in the West, it's little better: the President is hounded by his opponents for details on all his past financial dealings, the wrong disclosure could be damaging. And if you support this man - or any of his populist policies - you are at risk of being "de-banked" or otherwise excluded from the legacy financial system.

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Bitcoin: Clownworld deterrent!

Editor’s Note: With Bitcoin roaring past US $9,270 per coin earlier today, this recent short issue of the newsletter seems worth open sourcing, and sharing publicly. Get the newsletter, as thousands already do, if you enjoy analysis from smart folks.

Sharp growth over the past week for the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Sharp growth over the past week for the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


Bitcoin $9,046.90

Ether $269.54

according to Coincap.io, as I write this Sunday update to you.

I'm glad crypto has come in, what does $9,046 for a coin even mean? What can you do with $9,046 that you can't do with $8,046, or what more can you do with $10,046 or $20,046?

This is not financial advice or a prediction, this is merely my view that sooner or later a bitcoin's value will probably unhinge from fiat currency thinking altogether, or become difficult - at a minimum - to price reasonably in fiat. A bitcoin is truly rare; only 21 million will ever exist. And now that major merchants take it as payment, I don't see a need to figure out what one is worth every hour.

I wish I had more, and more Ether, sticking with Pedogate and spending money on a lawyer and all the rest has not been good for me.

The public betraying me and siding with QANON bullshit fraud fakes instead, has not been good for me either.

What a sad clownworld. At least crypto is the antidote.

A sad clownworld that pretends to be so tough, yet can't handle the words "John Podesta Spiritcooks” or "Bitcoin Is Better Than Rothschild Slavery."

They take away your Google and your YouTube if you espouse those beliefs, but hey, people are wising up. I really think they are, and my proof is crypto markets - money is rushing in, because too many of us just don't trust clownworld anymore. Millions of us are over these freaks, forever.

New paradigms are imminent, as I discussed in Lighting The Way.

We report the TRUTH. Tip to help us grow.

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Bitcoin Flies Past US $9,270 As Rally Continues; Fake Chinese-Style Polls Put Joe Biden Ahead of Trump

One Bitcoin, as of moments ago, went for about US $9,277 according to CoinCap.io, while #2 cryptocurrency network by market capitalization, Ethereum, trades above $278 each - or nearly 40 percent higher than when we hosted our FULCRUM Bitcoin and Ethereum info conference just earlier this year.

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is now one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store.

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is now one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store.

The leading cryptocurrencies will soon be able to be traded within E*Trade, Fidelity, and Robinhood - for now, Bitcoin can be traded in the popular Cash App in the U.S., and also via Coinbase or Gemini, which are both U.S. regulated.

Some naysayers like to indicate that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, yet in my opinion, this is not the case. You can store information to the Bitcoin blockchain (like a cloud-hosted record book of all transactions) in a manner that is irrevocable and censorship-proof, which is more “intrinsic” use than a dollar has. A dollar is just a rectangle of paper that lets you buy stuff.

Some naysayers also like to characterize Bitcoin, Ether, and other major cryptos as lacking the “backing” of anything valuable such as gold or oil, yet in my opinion, this is also not true: the rarity of a bitcoin or ether is what gives the currency value, period. Its provable rarity bootstraps the value people find these new stateless currencies to have.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization is currently above $164 Billion, meaning all Bitcoin mined so far collectively are worth that much or more. If more people use Bitcoin in the future as a payment method or currency, it could become more valuable; if less people use it, it could become less valuable. Simple supply and demand.

In political news, Joe Biden has weirdly topped President Trump in a new FOX News poll, and the fakestream media is pushing the counterintuitive narrative that Biden would somehow fare better in a match-up against Trump.

I say counterintuitive, because YouTube and the Internet are filled with videos of Biden inappropriately touching or molesting a number of small children with no biological or caretaker relationship to him. And he was doing it in public.

You’d think, in Internet fluent 2019, that would bar a man from serious political consideration.

Yet, like so much else of fakestream media Clownworld, these folks are pushing back hard - those gaslights burning bright. Somehow bumbling wizened Joe Biden is a normal guy, and more popular than economic miracle worker Donald Trump, who does not molest children. Oh okay.

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"Dr Pizza" Arrest Vindicates Pizzagaters, Bitcoin Roars Above US $8,400 on China Trade Tensions, And More News

Well, well, well. As unlikely as it may sound to some, the Pizzagate truth community was handed a long overdue victory in the F.B.I. arrest and subsequent imprisonment without bail of Dr. Pizza, as he was known on Twitter.

Dr. Pizza, whose real name is Peter Bright, happens to be an outspoken Trump critic, and was one of the loudest critics of “Pizzagate” when it went viral about two years ago on the Internet. To recap, Pizzagate was the truthful claim that pedophiles use a code language, including the word “pizza,” to denote a young female child - in much the same way that cannabis users have, in the past, evaded detection by using code words such as “lettuce” or whatever else to disguise their discussions while in mixed company.

Pizzagate researchers also asserted that this odd code language was found throughout the WikiLeaks emails of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta. This claim is demonstrably true, and has been a frequent topic of FULCRUM’s news coverage.

Dr. Pizza took personal exception to our founder’s truthful groundbreaking coverage of Pizzagate, Pedogate, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pizza took personal exception to our founder’s truthful groundbreaking coverage of Pizzagate, Pedogate, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pizza’s downfall is another chink in the armor of people, especially those in media, attempting to deny the scope of this scandal. Peter Bright was a popular journalist on the left, and a loud Pizzagate denier, even going so far as to personally reply to some of our founder’s tweets about Pizzagate at the time.

"He got vindicated because of Dr. Pizza. It's fucking real, man, sorry,” the livestreamer Defango reportedly said on his show the other night.

And that does appear to be the case.

Bitcoin’s fantastic 2019 recovery so far.

Bitcoin’s fantastic 2019 recovery so far.

In less depressing news, cryptocurrency markets led by Bitcoin continued to gain on Friday, with Bitcoin up 3.4% or so over the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap.com. #2 cryptocurrency network by market capitalization, Ethereum, is down half a percent or so over the same time period, yet is still up substantially in US dollar value - up by about 26% - when you move out to the monthly chart.

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2018: Year of the 'Parallel Society' (Don't Call It Collapse)

Don't you dare call it a financial collapse. It is much more akin to an Awakening, or a modern day financial Renaissance. The old systems still work, sort of--the banks, the debit cards, the rectangles of paper with dead leaders' faces printed on them and serial numbers and unknown secretive elite ownership of the bank's books...

Similarly, the old media still works, sort of--it's a farce and a dishonest play, Russiagate is not substantively real in any way, nor is it a pressing national security threat--but to millions of viewers of the networks, that is still "reality." Reality TV, maybe.

Yet, to millions of Internet connected "thinkers" (for lack of a better word for what we are collectively), the nightly news theatre will no longer do. And the funny money bused around by various serious looking people in antiquated suits, with antiquated offices and political affiliations and skyscrapers and ad budgets... when the young people are just trading cryptos on their phones. They figured out Prometheus' fire for the modern age--blockchain based currency--and they won't let it go, that much is clear.

So where does that leave our civilization?

Millions of us wake up every morning, believe the banking system is mostly sound, go to work, go to school, and don't think much more of it.

Yet millions of us wake up every morning, knowing the banking system is a sham orchestrated by unelected pompous disgusting elite families who just happened to be close to the national money printing presses at the right time, way back when... and the other 7.5 billion of us are sick of it.

Dominating central banking was an easier task back when the U.S. population nationally was less than 10 million total, and when Europe was in a near constant state of disarray--and pre-Internet. They controlled the press. They no longer do. 

With proper free floating cryptographic currencies, social news communities like FULCRUM (Facebook, Twitter, GAB) and of course the push toward censorship-proof video platforms like Bitchute, it is inevitable that the people take back the narrative.

And in so doing, the culture, the politics, and the money all inevitably follow.

Different World Order ahead. These disgusting old families have earned the disruptions underway, but it's worth noting these disruptions are primarily technological (online video, Internet media, fast cryptocurrency) rather than ideological.

This is important to keep in mind. Although the rapid changes underway and rapid shift in consumer behaviors may seem startling, it's no true ideological revolution: we aren't tossing capitalism for some unknown other format. We aren't tossing individualism for a return to communalism.

Instead, the tools are being upgraded swiftly, and that's causing many of us to feel like more upgraded and more Awakened users of those tools--which is changing our behaviors. Feedback loop. And that change in behavior and self-identity (knowing we are in charge, not 90 year olds in a globalist cult) intensifies and hardens the feedback loop. Out with the paper checks, in with the cryptocurrency addresses. Out with the banks, in with the blockchains and wallets. Out with the Cabal, in with whoever has enough money and social media following to outstrip whatever existing order has most of the media and money behind it.

Trump and his team, despite the several areas where he Still Has Not Delivered, grasped that reality and brought it to ultimate fruition: a man with no prior political experience runs for President on the basis of his personal wealth, and on the strength of his Twitter following. He wins. The establishment reels in terror, but there's nothing they can do now. Trump realized a mathematical opportunity, and he took it.

The populace at large, through our emerging parallel societies, is doing the same exact thing. Why consume their media at night? It's garbage and we'd rather create and consume our own at night after work. Why elect their politicians any more, or follow their celebrities? We have our own celebrities, our own politicians, our own news brands. The establishment is dead, a victim of entropy and incompetence. It will never return.

And for that, I'm very grateful. FULCRUM's traffic grows by leaps and bounds, because this parallel society is bursting at the seams, eager for its recognition and validation. It's real. It's growing. And it can't be denied or swept under the rug by soulless make-upped things on the nightly news networks for much longer.