Votes Are Investments 

Many people view voting as a quick duty, immediate impressions given and most only vote for the presidential elections. 

But let's talk about change. Change certainly can begin with a new president, no doubt. 

But when the president asks for help draining the swamp, he cannot do so alone. Voting is not only one of the best things about America, it's our best defense in ensuring that it runs the way it should. 

We all want change. We ALL want to have the highs of functioning economic growth, jobs, and financial security. But, if you don't vote, it's that much harder to create the change agents needed. 

We vote with faith and investments. We invest hope in the people we vote in to change the things that need improvement. 

But voting at the presidential elections is NOT enough. 

Vote in town halls. Vote for the school boards. Vote for the mayor. Vote for the governor.  Presidential elections should never be the only participating event you vote. Voting even in the things you perceive as unimportant are still the stepping stones that many use for their foray into higher offices. We should be ensuring we send our best. Our votes at the municipal and town levels are far more powerful then you could imagine, and directly impact us more closely than a Presidential Election. They also have the lowest turnouts, which is why we all should be more involved in choosing how we want our lives improved. 


And remember, 2018 is the year to vote out the establishment and change out the corrupt politicians for the new ideas, talents, and a fresh start we all need. 

Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt