Slimeball Comey

As the launch of Comey's book, "A Higher Loyalty" hit the internet, many people have given their own takes on the fictional tale of a man who perceived himself as "honorable".

The book launched many conversations, discussing bombshells hidden within the book which outright discredits Comey's own ironic title. 

One bombshell is the simple fact that Comey not only leaked memos to the media, but took classified government documents and used them as a basis for his own book. 


President Trump also tweeted a reminder of Comey's leaking, which was also contended by many in Washington, as a basis that Comey should not be serving the FBI in such a position. 



Another find was Comey's own admission that gave the polls showed favorability towards Hillary, so he decided to reopen the email investigation to "legitimize" her presidency. Not only that, but used the polls as a factor in the undeniable decision to change her gross negligence to a "matter".  


Comey also contradicted Loretta Lynch's own statements she had given on the infamous tarmac meeting. 



Judge Jeanine gave her own thoughts on Comey's book as well calling him a liar,  who was only loyal to himself. 


President Trump summed up many of the questions, that many people themselves, are wondering.  



Trump also stated that history for Comey would not be kind, as he would go down as one of the worst FBI directors in history. 


Will Comey's book become his own demise? If anything, it raises more questions to be answered and should be demanded to be answered by the public. Comey's own actions undermined the sanctity of a once highly respected FBI. 

The FBI will never heal until Comey is held responsible. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt