McCabe, Comey, and Lynch: The Unraveling

On the heels of Comey's book tour, accusations began flying between Comey, Loretta Lynch, and Andrew McCabe, with different versions of their own stories.


Shortly before Comey began his media campaign for his book, McCabe accused Comey of lying, stating that Comey's version of what happened over a leak to Wall Street Journal was false. Meanwhile, McCabe himself in the wake of his firing had an unbecoming IG Report, which justified his firing as he was found to lack “candor" while lying under oath and leaking to media. IG report also found during McCabe's tenure at the FBI while investigating Hillary's emails, he admonished other FBI officials for leaking information that he himself authorized.

Comey in his own book proceeded to throw Loretta Lynch under the bus, with statements such as “half in, half out" approach which made him question whether to assign a special prosecutor to reside over the case of Hillary's email investigation.

Clinton allies themselves in the aftermath of Comey's disastrous interview, were not happy with many things within the book such as Comey's admission that he did not want to create a pall over her questionable legitimacy as a president when the polls seemed to favor her.

Trump himself has tweeted a reminder that Comey drafted Hillary's exoneration letter long before even interviewing her.

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Judicial Watch themselves and pointed out a discrepancy between Comey's original statements and the book statements, as far as content on Anthony Weiner's laptop.


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Recently, 11 GOP members called for a criminal investigation into Hillary, Andrew McCabe, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch, outlining the crimes of individuals stated within. The letter was sent to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking for a formal investigation.

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Is justice finally coming for many criminals who operated without accountability under the former Obama administration? I think that while investigations take a long time to wrap up, Comey is a walking contradiction which only helps solidify that many lies were told under oath. Not only from Comey, but from many participating members who have reacted with different statements, all contradicting each other. Each member, including Loretta Lynch, is being held under fire from Trump Administration, spurring many questions about each person's role in handling Clinton's e-mail investigation, such as the infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

It is too soon to assume that justice will be served, but the recent request from 11 GOP senators requesting Sessions open up a formal investigation into all parties involved is a great start.

Perhaps, the storm has really arrived and Americans will see justice be served. There is no better way in my opinion in restoring faith in the Justice Department than to begin holding accountability for all individuals who broke countless laws.


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt