George Soros: A Coup Against the Republic

In an older interview from August 2006, billionaire George Soros and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt made their first public appearance together after meeting at the World Economic Forum a decade prior. In part of the “Authors at Google” series, this interview discusses early viewpoints from two of the most powerful men in the world today. Looking back, we can see how these agendas have taken hold of and influenced global affairs in the current era.

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This sparked the beginning of a new friendship where both businessmen formed an economic and political alliance for years to come. George Soros tried to distance himself from Google recently calling it a ‘menace to society.’ Yet, they have shared common goals for more than a decade to promote left-wing causes and candidates such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 

Throughout the discussion, Schmidt incessantly fawned over George Soros calling him “One of the most important people in the world today, in terms of the impact he’s had on the world.” 

Schmidt accredited him to inventing an entirely new industry in London, dealing in financial derivatives and currency trading. Of course, his practices ended up “breaking” the Bank of England in 1992 as he profited over $1 billion from it.1 

Soros continuously underscores the importance of advancing his ‘Open Society’ agenda, leading to a discussion on how Google also aspired to be an ‘Open Society.’ Soros proceeds to paint a vague picture of his agenda, a picture which initially seems relatively benign and even of goodwill. Soros then explains his flagrant opposition to President George W. Bush and his ‘War on Terror’ which he calls a lie. Many Americans currently agree that the War on Terror was a failing project and the invasion of Iraq was based on misinformation. However, Soros takes it to a different, nefarious level. He expresses sympathy towards extremist groups such as Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al Qaeda and believes Americans largely overreacted to potential threats after the 9/11 attacks. He presented no solutions to finding the actual culprits of the attack and seemed somewhat apathetic to Americans concerns. This was the time period in which Soros began donating to Barack Obama and we can see how the agenda emerged. 

What Soros suggested, instead, was that America ought to submit to a higher law, international authority. He states the United Nations is too weak and calls for a more authoritative global structure; essentially aligned with the prospect of a New World Order enforcing international law with less sovereignty amongst nations. Soros condemns what we know as “American Exceptionalism” and labels it as “American Supremacy.” America, he says, should be concerned more with global welfare (such as Climate Change) instead of itself. In just this hour-long segment, it is easy to see how Soros’ nefarious agenda was then enacted throughout the Obama era. A presidency which weakened the country and submitted itself to an international agenda. 

South Africa: The Coup

As the discussion progressed, Soros expresses his determination to influence America as well as the rest of the world. He has opened up numerous foundations which practice several tactics to mobilize citizens against their governments, often times creating massive chaos and division. One of his ‘Open Society’ tactics includes financial support to certain colleges and intellectuals who will promote his agenda. This has been a common theme not only in America, but also in other countries such as South Africa; a region Soros himself has claimed as a target.  

George Soros has been involved in African relations since at least the late 1980’s. According to his Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, the group “collaborates with other organizations on issues surrounding law, democracy building, human rights, economic development, education, media, access to technology & information.” Because of Soros’ desire to “promote democracy,” he has influenced many elections and regime changes by utilizing several tools at his disposal. This year he successfully ousted former South African President Jacob Zuma after years of targeting him. 

Soros and his partner Sipho Piyana, chairman of gold-mining company AngloGold Ashanti, put together the “Save South Africa” movement. This movement pledged opposition to the former President leading to widespread protests throughout the country. Soros simultaneously gave financial support to scholars from the Universities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and others. A particularly damning report entitled Betrayal of the Promise: How South Africa is Being Stolen, presents evidence from the Open Society, funded professors as to why South Africans should oust Zuma. The report claims he was “turning the country into a mafia-style fiefdom.” Of course, Zuma was far from innocent as a leader and has been accused of Crimes Against Humanity. However, the replacement is not always an improvement. In the report, it has numerous references to “white monopolies” and “white capitalism” as the major factor contributing to the issues troubling South Africa. Thus, the way was paved for George Soros’ new South African replacement: Cyril Ramaphosa.3

Following the incessant country-wide protests and political opposition, Jacob Zuma finally resigned on February 14th. The new President, Cyril Ramaphosa, was sworn in after years of serving as Deputy President in the African National Congress (ANC). President Ramaphosa also served as senior advisor on the International Crisis Group, an organization led by many communist and socialist leaders including key member George Soros.4 Ramaphosa was backed by several wealthy global elites. However, Soros played the essential role. His coup is now complete.

Initially, there was hope for the Ramaphosa presidency, until his rhetoric turned even more extreme than his predecessor, recklessly stoking the racial fires. Immediately, Ramaphosa and other Marxist members within the ANC called for a changing of their constitution to include “land expropriation without compensation” of white farmers, a measure which Nelson Mandela previously condemned. For years, white farmers have been attacked by locals. Now South Africans have free reign to reclaim land from white people. Horror stories of violence against white farmers are increasing in number from gang rapes, massacring children, and setting elderly couples on fire. Groups such as the Economic Freedom Fighters openly sing “Kill the white man.” Their supporters track down whites wherever possible and impose endless hours of torture onto them, all with the silent approval of the ANC. With several clear warning signs, it seems the country is on a direct path to genocide; a white genocide which may reach completion within a few short years.

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The Open Society Agenda and America

George Soros masquerades on the world stage claiming to be a fantastic philanthropist, surprisingly many still believe him. In this example alone, of Soros’ agenda supporting the genocide of a white population, we can plainly see this is far from the truth. The evil tactics Soros has unleashed upon the world is reminiscent of what we see in America today. The Communist Party is growing in record numbers, capitalism is demonized, left-wing politics are becoming more radicalized. Most astonishing of all is the blatant racial hatred George Soros displays for the white population and how he manages to get away with it. Largely derived from the Obama era, we have seen a growing acceptance to demonize white people as a whole. From “white privilege” to “white guilt” and Black Lives Matter promoting further racial tensions, we see clear fingerprints of the Soros and Marxist elitist agenda. 

Last year he transferred over $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation, a group continuously wreaking havoc on the world. With this enormous transfer of wealth, Soros has silently declared a war upon the globe to the likes of which we haven't seen. Despite his massive failure in the 2016 elections, he does not plan on going down without a fight. From the Women’s March to the March For Our Lives, Soros is organizing like never before. Yet as this once secret agenda is rearing its malicious head, the American public seems to be increasingly mortified at this far left-wing ideology. March For Our Lives, largely organized by Hollywood and the Soros funded group MoveOn, showed an unsettling display of supporters who were openly against our 2nd amendment rights. While the goal for Soros was to disarm Americans, he has effectively shown his hand too early and citizens seem to mostly disapprove. 

Soros’ ideology is supposedly based on the book Open Society and its Enemies by Karl Popper which advocated for direct democracy with Marxist elements incorporated. A direct democracy is a system in which our Founding Fathers gravely warned against as they are doomed to fail and create a violent “mob rule” mentality. There are two main frightening issues with Soros’ ideology of a direct democracy. First, promotion of the direct democracy system was an initial tool used by the Soviets; that is before their eventual communist rule and the consequent deaths of millions of people. Secondly, the implementation of direct democracy would require the complete overhaul of our American system, of our Constitution. It would require a coup against our Republic.

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Written By Fulcrum Contributor Yvonne Parkinson