A Book That Tells The Future?

A book, called Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey is a novel written by Ingersoll Lockwood, written in 1893, which weaves the story of a young boy named Baron, whose imagination sets him on a journey underground while guided by a master named "Don".

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Little was made of the book until 2017, after Donald Trump's historic win rocked the nation, and authors from publications picked out parallels between the books and present day.

19th-century book features a Baron Trump, a Don and a Russia trip 


Another final book, written after Baron Trump's marvelous underground journey, titled "The Last President" or 1900, which drew many parallels as well to modern-day America.

Opening book scenes depicted what was witnessed in 2016, such as a stunned crowd in New York City after the announcement of an opposed candidate won the presidency. 

Scenes also described mobs forming a resistance, opposing the results of an election they believed was not fair, as well as one part of the book describing that the Fifth Avenue hotel would be the first to feel the fury of a mob. Description of the address is the same one where Trump tower stands today.  

Did an author from the 1800s predict the Trumps, Russia and America's downfall?

The Last President: Clairvoyant author predicted rise and spectacular fall of Donald Trump

The books created a buzz among internet forums such as 4chan where theories were discussed, ranging from whether the author actually predicted the future, to even people believing Trump is a time traveler. Alleging even so far as belief that Trump traveled time using the connections of Nikola Tesla's unfinished work, which was handled by none other than FBI agent John G. Trump, who is Donald Trump's uncle. 

Whether or not the author is a prescient storyteller who foreshadowed the future, one thing is for sure...The books now have everyone's full attention.


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @Pinkaboutit