The Art Of The Trade War

Recently, Trump sparked controversy over a "trade war" with China, spanning several tweets that sent the media into a tailspin, over the deficits the US receives over unbalanced trade. 


Trump stated that there was nothing to lose with a trade war with China by slapping tariffs in order to leverage the US market for fair trade growth between both parties. 

Several days later Trump elaborated on the unfairness of trade in a tweetstorm.


The tweetstorm prompted media such as Forbes, to even admit that Trump is effective in forging a trade war with China. 

Trump's Tariff Threats Are Working On China

China's XI, admitted that trade was unfair and in efforts to defuse trade wars promised concessions to lower his own tariffs on the automobile industry. 

China's Xi renews vow to open economy, cut tariffs as U.S. trade...

Soon after, Trump tweeted a conciliatory messages addressing China's recent comments.  


The aftermath of conciliatory remarks from both parties has sent the stock market soaring back up as fears of a trade war have diffused. 

One thing is for sure, Trump is reshaping the entire country with strong leadership equated with fairness on the world stage. 

China may be our best win yet.  


Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt