Schneiderman's Demise

Eric Schneiderman, who resigned just hours after 4 women accused him of abuse, seems to have a long history with Trump. Whether you love or hate Trump, looking at his past tweets, it is comedic gold, to be honest. Trump has tweeted several times about AG Schneiderman, even back as far as 2013. It seems to have begun when Trump found out Schneiderman was suing him, after a meeting with Obama. The first tweet hints that Trump was given some very interesting information. 


What follows after, is just pure gold. If you didn't find it funny, maybe you just have no humor.  The first seems to foretell the future, 5 years later, to Schniederman's recent demise and resignation. 


Then, in a twist, Trump tweets about his eyeliner, seemingly quoting Cuomo's statements regarding Schneiderman. To be honest, this cracked me up big time. 


Then, in a June 14th tweet, Trump questions what brand eyeliner Schneiderman was wearing.


Later that year in October, Trump again brought up eyeliner. This one is probably my favorite tweet regarding the whole debacle.  

Trump's past tweets are a goldmine of information that seems to age very well as President. Already, AG Schneiderman's own resignation is quickly out of the news cycle. However, if Trump's tweets are any indication, his story is just beginning to trickle out to the public. Schneiderman's demise is nothing short of over. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt