One Tree Hillary

November 8, 2016, Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America. That same evening Hillary Clinton refused to step out on stage, as per tradition, to give a concession speech in front of her dumbfounded worshipers. Tears were shed on both sides, it was a heavy moment for all. The world continued to turn.

It is now May of 2018. The economy is up, North Korea are surrendering their nukes and U.S. hostages, ISIS (sister of the Anti-Christ Osiris) is on the run. So too, it looks, is Hillary Clinton. Writing a book is a sure way to rake in some speaking fees and stay out of the US, now that Goldman Sachs doesn’t have time for you. Sure, it has to be collected from the peon masses, some of whom you’ll have to touch and mingle with but you gotta do what you gotta do.
There is always money to be made when you’re a Clinton - an abundance mindset.

Published in September of only last year the book is doing exceptionally well on Amazon in terms of reviews.


Much better than her husband’s book on his entire legacy.


Though nowhere near the success of a book on them both.


Stronger Together you could say.

On a brisk Monday in Auckland, New Zealand, May 7, Hillary Clinton spoke at an arena to those willing to pay US$155 for general admission and up to a premium US$390 package for a pre-talk private cocktail event - one which Hillary did not attend. See, as featured on InfoWars, CSTT footage of the event. What I assume a majority of those in attendance didn’t know was that Hillary’s 2nd failed presidential campaign was in part financed, NZ$7.7 million, by the New Zealand taxpayer.


She could of saved the nation of New Zealand the trouble and simply asked millionaire playboy Kim Dotcom for the money. He likes to spend his wealth on cars, planes and everything you could think of throwing away money on if you had an endless supply. Why not throw some to Hillary too?



What’s this bibble babble you mentioned earlier about Osiris and Isis?
Oh that…yeah, well, these elites believe in all this anti-christ occult mumbo jumbo, as documented by David Seaman of FULCRUM News over the past two years. I’m not just speculating. “The Cremation of Care” ceremony at Bohemian Grove for one, (say that phrase to yourself and break it down. Language is important) is but a goofy summer camp once a year for the CFR and Bilderberg types. Hillary speaks with and to the Council on Foregin Relations. It is clear about where her allegiances lie.

On her trip to New Zealand, of all the sights and places she could visit, where does she go and what does that represent?


There are no stools on One Tree Hill. Why not visit Hobbit Town, the national museum or one of 100s of other sights Auckland city had to offer?

For some Masonic enterprises, an original Egyptian benben was not good enough. Since 1848 an obelisk had been going up in Washington, DC, to honour America's founding President, George Washington, who had been a Freemason. His funeral in 1799 had been conducted according to Masonic rites. The coffin had been draped with a Masonic apron given by a brother revolutionary and Mason, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the many Masons present each cast a sprig of acacia, to symbolize both Osiris's resurrection and Washington's own imminent resurrection in the realm where Osiris presides.”[14.]
- Inside the Brotherhood, Martin Short

Is Hillary hoping to resurrect Osiris and herself from the dead? Is this a stretch folks? You decide.

In 2018/19, the tax payers of New Zealand will be handing over another NZ $5.5 million to ex-Secretary of State, failed Presidential Candidate and sister of the anti-christ Hillary Rodham Clinton.

hillary face.jpeg

In this age of appropriation and bastardizations, and when you take into account Hillary’s handiwork around the globe, it wouldn’t be out of step with the times to label Hillary The face that launched a thousand ships…would it?


Written By Fulcrum Contributor Luke Ryan