SPYGATE: The Backpedaling Begins

The media launched major backpedaling after Trump tweeted about the spy in his campaign, which set the internet abuzz. 

Hysterically, after first admitting last week as New York Times reported, they claimed the SPY wasn't a SPY, but an informant, to only investigate Russia ties. 

F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims

Which brings us to another question. If the "Informant" was there to investigate Russia ties with the concerns of them infiltrating campaigns... Why wasn't Hillary's campaign ALSO protected? Just doesn't add up right?  

Trump brought more heat to Clapper over the week, as he quoted Clapper saying "he should be happy" the informant was embedded in the campaign. 


Clapper then claimed that the FBI wasn't spying, it was "Benign Information Gathering". So Benign, that Hillary's campaign, again, was never given the same amount of attention. The spinning is truly amazing. 

Clapper: The FBI Wasn't Spying On Trump, It Was "Benign Information Gathering"

On top of Clapper backpedaling, media also piled on saying it was taken out of context.  

Analysis | Trump misquotes James Clapper to push ‘SPYGATE’ narrative

Trump then called the Democrats and media out over misdirection to the public, for saying an informant was different than a spy. 


Another great point about the whole informant argument is the fact this informant was placed long before the infamous Steele dossier was obtained for the FISA warrant. One would think that in order to place a spy within the campaign, there would be an existing warrant someplace for the informant to be placed. Spygate, as dizzying as the media spins are, is one of the biggest scandals in American history. What is more disturbing, is the media actually justifying the spying scandal as a good thing.  

Spygate is not the ONLY spying that Obama has done. It is reported that Obama has spied on AP reporters and even foreign officials. 

Why did the Obama administration spy on the Associated Press?

In the end, I think that while Spygate is one of the biggest scandals we have seen in American history, the depths of Obama's spying is probably massive. Considering he was in office 8 years, who knows how many other people were spied on, or how many other elections in foreign countries were affected by Obama's administration meddling. We have only begun to scratch the surface of Obama's crime spree of a presidency. 


Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt