A Media Takeover?

After Obama's departure from the White House, many former administration officials went on to work for the media in one way or another. Clapper, Obama's former DNI, went on to work at CNN. Yes, the very same guy who leaked the Steele Dossier happens to now work for CNN. HOW CONVENIENT.

GOP report: Clapper told CNN host about Trump dossier in 2017

THIS IS CNN: Hiring of Suspected Leaker Clapper Raises Ethical Questions | Sara A. Carter

Then, John Brennan, Director of CIA, went to work for NBC News as a paid contributor. Another convenient hire. 

The Spies Who Came in to the TV Studio

Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor, went on to board of directors at Netflix, along with the Obamas signing a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce documentaries. All a mixture of scripted, and unscripted series. 

Netflix says it has signed Barack and Michelle Obama

What a bunch of amazing coincidences right?  

I think that the amount of people who have served the past administration going into media is NO coincidence. It seems too convenient when you have top advisors and their own advantage of being able to control the narrative at media studios. As more truth comes out, who's to say they wouldn't use damage control to their own advantage? Anyone should be wary of what it all means when you think of the amount of leverage that it gives a former corrupt administration. It is a means of defense and spinning the truth to continue to gaslight their own viewers. The Obama's Netflix deal is surely going to be propaganda. Thankfully, thousands of people have spoken up already by canceling Netflix.  


Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt