Promises Made, Promises Kept

During Trump's campaign tour for Elections 2016, Trump made a promise that the Iran deal would not fester. 

Trump has spoken many times on the issue, stating that Obama's infamous billions sent to Iran were one of the worst moves he had ever done.  Never mind that nobody even chose to investigate the shady deal. 


Before Trump announced his Iran deal, he knocked John Kerry's recent secret meetings with the Iranian foreign minister Zarif, in an effort to salvage the Iran deal ahead of his announcement. 



Trump finally announced on Tuesday his final decision to scrap the deal, which prompted lectures from Obama and Hillary themselves, in the wake of his announcement. 



Hillary and Obama were quick to reply, which seems to indicate their own investments are far deeper than anyone realizes. With John Kerry himself secretly negotiating without any communication to Trump administration, it reeks of corruption. What exactly is at stake? What exactly transpired in the middle of the night when Obama sent 1.7 billion in unmarked cash? Why did Congress and FBI remain silent? Trump is absolutely right that the billions of cash sent out in the middle of the night should have been questioned intensely.  

John Kerry's recent secret meetings with the Iranian foreign minister seems to indicate Obama's administration is actively meddling in foreign affairs, which falls under the Logan Act. Will the FBI even address this? In a time when their credibility is low, it is hard to say if the two-tier justice system is still in place. After an entire year of corruption coming to light, it is clear the FBI is broken.  

While Obama and Hillary's tweeted responses seem ominous, it is clear that Trump remains committed to keeping his promises to the American people. The Iran deal should never have happened and today, it is no more. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt