#MeToo: The Shortest Movement Ever


Hollywood spent months promoting a #MeToo movement after Hollywood's famous film mogul was outed for sexual assault.  Harvey Weinstein, co-founder of Miramax, had women such as Ashely Judd come forward as victims. 

How the Harvey Weinstein scandal unfolded

Then, Keith Raniere was arrested and indicted on charges of a trafficking cult, NXIVM, which is based in New York. The allegations against Keith are long, stemming from rape charges to trafficking.  

Who is Keith Raniere? NXIVM 'sex cult' leader who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Smallville actress and 'slave' Allison Mack?

Shortly after Raniere's arrest, Smallville actress Allison Mack, who was a top recruiting member of Keith's cult, was also arrested. Her charges were sex trafficking, conspiracy, and forced labor. 


Recently, Eric Schneiderman resigned just three hours after four women stepped forward with charges of abuse. 


Interestingly, Eric Schneiderman, as NY Attorney General, suspended the probe into the very NXIVM cult that Mack and Raniere were just indicted on. 


Many Twitter personalities also questioned the endorsement of Eric Schneiderman by none other than Kirsten Gillibrand. 


Gillibrand's Republican rival for the midterms, called her out over her father's involvement in the NXIVM cult, saying she needed to come clean about his role. 

Gillibrand rival slams her father’s ties to alleged sex-slave cult

All of these connections to NXIVM on the heels of Schneiderman's exit seem to be too many to ignore. Schneiderman, as a self-proclaimed proponent of #Metoo, his decision dropping the NXIVM probe seems suspect. 

Not only that, Hollywoods silence above it all is interesting.  Considering Allison's role of recruitment, it begs the question that perhaps Hollywood has more ties than they want known.  As the champions of #Metoo, one would think Hollywood would have spoken up and condemned Mack. As it is, very little has been said. 

It seems as if Hollywood's #Metoo movement was never about the victims, but saving their own careers from their ties to Harvey Weinstein. Perhaps, NXIVM will be the final blow to Hollywood's demise. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt