500 Days: And Just Getting Started

President Trump has had an eventful, successful, and historic first 500 days of accomplishments.  In fact, it is more significant in light of a stagnant Congress, a witch hunt that has wasted millions of taxpayer money, and an embattled government. Despite it all, the list of accomplishments is historical. 

Some of the accomplishments:

-Withdrew from Iran Deal

-Actively pursuing denuclearization of North Korea

-4 Americans released from both Venezuela and North Korea in just May, alone

-Issued 22 deregulatory actions

-Cut massive red tape to result in 56M annual savings

-Black Unemployment 5.9%. Women 3.5%. Hispanic 4.9%. Record numbers for the American public

-4 billion to fight Opioid Epidemic

-Child tax credit doubled

-Repealed Obamacare Individual mandate 

-Enacted massive tax cuts, which resulted in company bonuses, jobs growth, and private sector growth 

-6.6 Million Job Openings 

-U.S. Embassy Moved to Jerusalem 

-ISIS has been decimated 

-Unemployment levels lowest in 18 years

-3 million jobs added since taking office

-304,000 Manufacturing jobs have been created

-337,000 construction jobs, at a highest level since June 2008

-Pay raise for troops, largest defense budget in years

-Executive order to expand apprenticeship opportunities 

-17 year high on consumer confidence 

-Corporate tax rate lowered from 35% to 21% to enable more competitive growth

-Agriculture gained new markets

-Crackdown on bad trade deals

-Courts packed with more conservative judges

-Gorsuch appointed SCOTUS

- Gina Haspel, first female confirmed to lead CIA

-Legislation passed to bring more accountability to Dept. Of Veteran Affairs

-V.A. Choice and Quality Employment Act

-Withdrew from Trans-Pacific Agreement

-Crackdowns on imports of drugs to stop from reaching communities

-Right to try Bill signed into law

Trump's accomplishments are a much larger list than just listed, but the highlights alone show a dedicated president who is TRULY putting America first.  

500 days and the list is growing by the day.  While fake news media attacks President Trump daily, he rolls up his sleeves and continually keeps plugging away at making America Great Again. The media, who in the pastime attacked former presidents for failing to keep promises, Trump is actually keeping them, and the media attacks him still. The fortitude that Trump displays is nothing short of amazing. 


I know personally, when I first voted for Trump, I knew he would be a good President.  But his first 500 days has far exceeded my own expectations. This is a President who is working for free, and the media attacks him like never before. At this point, I would be worried if the media had anything good to say about the accomplishments that Trump keeps adding to his presidential resume. Trump's first 500 days was really just a warmup. 

And we are just getting started. 


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt