#WalkAway: A New Revolution

Recently, a new campaign has taken Twitter by storm: A hashtag campaign called #WalkAway has thousands of people rising up and telling their stories of why the Democrat party, in essence, had them walking away from the once progressive party.

Started by a hairdresser in New York, Brandon Straka began the viral campaign during his video rant about how the Democrat party has pushed him away. His video is urging others to denounce the lie of progressive ideology, which victimizes people of color, LGBT, immigrants, and women. Brandon calls out the groupthink that you should identify as a Democrat because of being a minority, as an insidious lie. His experience in the choice to #WalkAway is recent, as he did not initially support Trump and was disappointed himself, in the outcome of the election. 

                                              Twitter Post Here.  &  More Information Here. 

                                             Twitter Post Here. & More Information Here. 

Since then, confessions have taken Twitter by storm and has in fact been hidden from Twitter's top trends. The campaign has grown exponentially in just days, as people are confessing why the Democrat party has disappointed them and pushed them away. A few of the messages:


Brandon Straka also recently posted about an experience at a camera shop, as he was denied service because it was for "alt-right" purposes. He asked that the camera shop was not retaliated, as he graciously turned the other cheek, and asked instead for people to lift each other up and open dialogue instead of hate. 


Not surprisingly as the liberals are SO predictable by this point, they have begun to counter with the argument, "Russian bot accounts" are running the #WalkAway campaign, just like they believed other hashtags were during the primaries when Donald Trump won the election. A few examples:


Clearly, ignorance will be proven once again, as a downfall for the Democrats during midterms. #Walkaway is real, it is powerful, and might be this years own revolutionary movement that decides history. Perhaps, even the final demise of the once esteemed Democratic party. 


Written By FULCRUM Contributor @PinkAboutIt