Is Google the Start of Federal Internet Regulation?

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted about Google's bias, and the internet lit up with the media insisting it was a conspiracy theory.  


Is it really a conspiracy though?  Google has been caught many times skewing the search results. A normal person should be alarmed, as it indicates even our search for the truth could really only be a biased search. Americans should be able to use tools such as Google and Twitter, without inherent bias clouding the internet. 

For example, Google had been caught during Hillary's campaign, altering search results in favor of her. Not only that, but actively burying any negative stories on Hillary.  


What about when Google ignores holidays such as Easter, but will put a Google doodle up of some random holiday? Christian holidays have been completely ignored for years in a row, but Google doodle will celebrate a random, woke holiday that no one has ever heard of.  


Add in the fact that the European Union fined Google in 2017 for antitrust violations, as it abused its dominance and exercised bias in the android market search engines.  [Read Article Here]


But, but, the media says Trump makes stuff up right? What about the fact that you could Google Trump, the PRESIDENT of the United State, and inherent bias shines through.  For example, you could Google Ku Klux Klan in Brazil as demonstrated by Paul Joseph Watson, and Trump's picture shows up. 


Or, you could Google imbecile in the United States, and Trump shows up under images.


Shortly after Hillary got thrown like a bag of potatoes in the back of the van after her infamous 9/11 collapse, Google censored autocomplete algorithms about Hillary's health, which could probably be closer to a conspiracy theory than Google's inherent bias. 


Naturally, after Trump tweeted about Google bias, the top story on Google news was that Google wasn't rigged. How ironic, huh?  


Let's not forget the lawsuit brought by fired Google employee James Damore, who alleged that Google discriminated among white male conservatives or anyone who deviated from Google's political opinion.  

After Trump's Google bias tweet, Senator Orrin Hatch asks FTC to examine antitrust complaints. Google, on top of Twitter's shadowbanning, may be the catalyst into a new era of protection to the first amendment and new federal regulation. After all, we are now a digital world, where news and digital speech has become a public square on the internet, right along the beltway of Google and Twitter platforms.  


Written By Fulcrum Contributor @PinkAboutIt