Trust The Plan: Mass Censorship, Virtual Enslavement


Being unpersoned from the Internet is a vexing occurrence. Google allows radical Islamic content, pro-pedophile content, promoters of the occult, and vast quantities of generally anti-Trump, anti-American content to flourish on its video platform YouTube and in search results, yet it has scrubbed InfoWars and Alex Jones as if his 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube never even existed.

They did the same to my personal channel, wiping 162,000 subscribers away and nuking a channel that attracted 11 million views in 2017.

When we setup the FULCRUM News YouTube presence months after that banning, we did so carefully, making sure never to violate their capricious “Terms.”

They just don’t like what we are about, we get that now — truthful newsgathering is not welcome on Google any more.

They nuked our nearly 6,000 subscribers on the company account, and we won’t give them a third opportunity to screw us.

YouTube is the second most viewed website property in the world, so in our view, this is an anti-competitive, monopolistic problem. An anti-trust issue.

YouTube is not someone’s quiet private backyard, it’s the most influential video platform in the world, owned by a publicly traded US-based company whose embryonic founding juices are 100% deep state, taxpayer funded weirdness.

Not only did they nuke our company account, now they surface negative and months out of date videos about our founder, to hasten a failed credibility attack.

This is a crown jewel of the American tech sector, Google? It seems more like a fetid pile of garbage. A nightmare sprawling conglomerate made possible by a corrupt federal regime—the Clintons and Bushes and their nasty financiers—that thankfully lost to a new start, a new chance for the nation and the planet.

Do you see yet? That’s why the media cries out against the Trumps 24/7—in their view, they have no choice. The media are degenerate colluding anti-competitive criminals. There is no Plan B for the traitors who bet it all on Team Soros, instead of on the country and each other.

We can stomach the censorship here at FULCRUM and survive, which is why we are rushing development of our censorship-resistant App and greenlighting our first blockbuster psychoactive product.

Many others can’t stomach or survive all this anti-competitive pressure, and their unique voices will surely perish. That is a disgrace, and it’s not the American way.

Loyal supporters say to us, “Oh, you’ll come out ahead of this better than before!”

Yet without the public’s support and focused outrage, that’s not the case.

My personal YouTube channel was banned back in February, 7 months ago. The resulting drop in business and traffic to FULCRUM has been substantial. The drop in revenue, for a growth-hungry startup like ours, has been calamitous.

As for our colleagues… InfoWars’ YouTube channel was banned a month ago, and despite encouraging words from the President against unilateral Internet censorship, their content has not been brought back online by Google/YouTube, nor has FULCRUM’s. This is an outrage.

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I don’t believe in handouts or undeserved charity, which is why we put out such a firehose of premium research content to our subscribers. In exchange for a small monthly fee or pre-paid contribution, subscribers get our very best. And we ARE among the best, I truly believe that. We called Bitcoin at $80, Ether when we did, and Trump just days after he announced his candidacy back in dreamy 2015.

The mainstream keeps telling us cryptocurrency is “over,” yet that’s the game they tried to play with Donald Trump's rise, and they failed every step of the way until the man was in the White House. They’ll do the same with crypto, because that’s what their masters demand: weaken this alternative to Federal Reserve and ECB slavery, their masters shout.

Yet recent surveys show as many as 18 percent of millennials already own some cryptocurrency, and they aren’t giving up on it.

Obama-friendly and Clinton-friendly Goldman Sachs deciding against further crypto involvement for now doesn’t matter to these millennials; Goldman Sachs executives are not their arbiter of coolness or legitimacy—if anything, the opposite.

Not financial advice, but crypto is irrevocable freedom and security to the millennial, and to anyone else. It is the dignity of ownership in a weird world. As the Awakening continues—this is a global political awakening of some kind, which explains all the censorship—more workers and savers will regard fiat currency issued out of thin air by unelected occult “bloodline” families as more and more insecure, and unacceptable.

Draining a major checking account into cryptocurrency is easier than ever before. I voted with my wallet, will you?

Draining a major checking account into cryptocurrency is easier than ever before. I voted with my wallet, will you?

80 million people already believe in and use cryptocurrency, and those 80 million provide the belief bridge to get everybody else off of the Rothschild made-up currency prison. Unlike made-up currency, Bitcoin and other cryptos are created through an irreversible process (called “mining”) where energy and computing time is burnt up for the possibility of creating a new Bitcoin or Ether or whatever the specific coin is. This, in FULCRUM’s view, is a function jump in freedom for all end users of currency.

What gives a Bitcoin value? It was created (mined) into being at some point in time, and that process took someone’s time and computing resources up in an irrevocable manner (i.e. they can’t get their time or computing energy back; no Bitcoin mining refunds).

The Post-Rothschild world feels better than fine.

The Post-Rothschild world feels better than fine.

The dollar and the euro, on the other hand, are created from nothing imperial credits that the Bushes, Soros, the Saudis, and the house of Rothschild own the majority of—then they make the rest of us scramble for the scraps, which buoys up the value of the credits they already own, which is most of them.

If you doubt the validity of this claim, turn over a US $1 bill.

There’s an image on the back of a glowing demon eye resting atop a pyramid of invisible debt. “THE GREAT SEAL,” it is written in fancy lettering beneath the pyramid, yet in all my years of schooling and university after that, not once did I hear in a US history class that we are all bound to some great seal. It’s an occult symbol, mocking us in our faces, as we strive for a currency that is not our own.

Well, my Big 3 bank which has restricted my debit card transactions to $2,000/day for being a Trump supporter and rabble rouser got quite the surprise. They keep sending me surveys via e-mail to ask “how they’re doing.”

Not very well, I’m afraid. Not very satisfied at all with these Rothschild bloodline debt dollars, and even less satisfied with my limited access to them via my own debit card. So I made use of the instant linking (a service called Plaid) my preferred Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange offered, verified my checking account, and drained that checking balance into precious Bitcoin, and intriguing Ether. I won’t be a servant to these dummies any longer, and with every breath I take I will work to weaken their broken systems and their censorship and their droopy sad faces and dumb sex abuse cult.

They are godless, weak trash and a new world order (simply not theirs!) is, for certain, ahead.

That’s not a fair system they’ve created with the made-up glowing demon eye debt currency, and the introduction of something more fair obliterates them competitively over time. Doesn’t matter that anti-Trump deepstater Peter Strzok’s wife is literally the head of the US agency that keeps rejecting cryptocurrency ETFs one after another. That doesn’t matter, because freedom keeps knocking, and the knocks are getting louder, more pronounced, more clear. We aren’t going away.

They can censor, they can mock, they can Fake News attack, they can restrict, they can shadowban, they can threaten…

We are not going away.