Open Sourced FULCRUM DC (David Seaman) Newsletter Issue 9.16.18

US web traffic to FULCRUM has soared in the wake of our banning from YouTube and capped Facebook Live account.

US web traffic to FULCRUM has soared in the wake of our banning from YouTube and capped Facebook Live account.

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Still deplatformed from planet Earth and so it goes, yet I'm certainly not lonely. Unbelievably busy in DC, FULCRUM has been. Much change for society, there will be.

Sorry, assuming we still have a few Q faithful among us reading, and y'all seem to like Yoda inversions followed by vague aphorisms. Trust the journey. There you go. Where's FULCRUM's deranged Boomer army to promote our news site for free now 24/7? LOL.

In all seriousness, though, we're proud of the ad-free real news we've published over the last 1 year, 9 months with your generous support. Some of those stories went mildly viral, and may have changed the world in time. Here are just some of our recent hits by traffic: *

* that one really seems to have pissed someone off, because our company YouTube was nuked without cause within hours of posting it and discussing it in a video- party on!

So there you go.

Happy to see genius-built Ether and beautiful Bitcoin bounce back as much as they have, that's just not a part of life I worry about because as the public becomes more woke and actually thinks about currency, they'll find handing over all their financial destinies or whatever to a handful of Luciferian money printing families at the central banks just truly doesn't cut it any more. Netflix has arrived. See ya, Blockbuster, enjoy the fall.

Given how traumatized FULCRUM's revenue and traffic has been since the Q boomers began scraping at our startup's reputation like frenzied extras from a Walking Dead episode, we probably cannot and will not continue at this level of production beyond next month. A video news startup located in DC which has been banned from publishing to YouTube, and which is capped severely on Facebook Live, can't be expected to thrive.

A deluge of personal PayPal or credit card wealth (contribute any amount here) would give us more runway, but unlike the Q scammers, we don't beg and we don't force the media marketplace of ideas to go in a direction it doesn't want to go in.

In this case, for whatever reason, it is clear to us that the marketplace is not accepting the business model of an honest, non-Cabal owned influential online media company operating from Washington. Maybe it will in the future, yet it's not right now.

Not accepting market conditions is what dumb people do. I certainly disagree with all the reasons why FULCRUM is being attacked and slowed down, but I can see precisely why they're doing it to us and the Art of War tactic is to leave the battlefield altogether, at once, and fight on a different battlefront, from a new vantage.

We competently broke the biggest story of all time - Pizzagate, the truthful claim that Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman extensively used a code language in his leaked emails known to law enforcement to be used by child traffickers, and the ensuing viral takedown of the pedophile "Illuminati" that has infiltrated Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and DC - none of that is going back in the bottle, and they know that.

The viral ripples will continue to go out wider and wider. Irreversible math at play here.

Our 8 minute legally vetted mini-documentary on Pizzagate and the "pizza" code language, with demonstrable proof from the real WikiLeaks emails, is approaching 137,000 views on Bitchute alone. People are talking. Watch and share here:

Granted... We thought that video would be at 12 or 120 million views by now, we thought the public would be OUTRAGED and supporting WikiLeaks right and left out of gratitude, we thought John Podesta would be so in prison by now.

We thought wrong, I guess.

We will strictly follow market conditions and move into other business lines, because FULCRUM is certainly not over.

In fact, we have been hard at work on our first major consumer product, something so revolutionary I can say almost nothing about it for the time being. FULCRUM's chemists and lawyers work best when I keep my mouth shut on under development projects.

FULCRUM's applied sciences division will not disappoint. :)

Speaking of which, the STATES Act is gaining strength here in DC. Some truly awful Swampy Senators have signed on and given their support, meaning sooner or later I'd expect to see the federal prohibition on cannabis come to an end in America.

Trump's a market guy. Canada being allowed to mass export this medical & recreational cash crop, while US companies in Cali and Colorado with arguably better growing conditions are prohibited from doing so due to 50 year old dusty legislation, you can be almost sure a Trump Upset of some kind is in the works.


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