Alex Jones Wiped From App Store

It has been reported elsewhere, and we can confirm, Alex Jones' Infowars app was just deleted from the Apple App Store and is thus no longer accessible to iPhone users.

Alex Jones globally deplatformed for speaking the truth?

Alex Jones globally deplatformed for speaking the truth?

This is not freedom.

If a group of suspected occult freaks can wipe Alex Jones' media empire extrajudicially off the map with a few clicks, which is what they have done, imagine what they can do to smaller fish. This needs to end.

Alex Jones, like us, was speaking the TRUTH about Pizzagate in the days and hours before his mass media deletion from Planet Earth. This is unacceptable. Pizzagate may be an uncomfortable topic for many, but it's totally true, and needs to be processed by humanity and PROSECUTED instead of laughed at or dismissed.

8 minute legally vetted mini-documentary proving a Clinton-linked 'Pizzagate' conspiracy: (viewed nearly 130,000 times already! Keep sharing! YouTube banned this video twice.)

Allegations of Democratic Party-linked pedophile rings is precisely the message the Democrats don't want leaking right before midterms, yet they have sealed their fate: by banning Alex Jones everywhere for talking about this hot button issue, it will be all the Internet can focus on, and it proves what thugs and brutes the Democratic Party-linked censors in Big Tech have become.

America should not have censors; censorship is not the American way.

What you can do: keep sharing our content, both the mini-doc linked above and our article on adrenochrome use, because it explains why the pedo stuff is not merely at the fringes- it is at the core of elite politics & belief, sadly.

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Grateful for the support that has come in since yesterday. These are people like you and I, teachers, part time restaurant workers, real estate specialists - not detached crypto geniuses or billionaires - pitching in to keep DC-based real news going. I don't draw a salary at FULCRUM and the readership, as well as the team, doesn't seem too demoralized by all the censorship. We are working around it, the best we can, although it's obviously not an acceptable situation.

Look at it as a game. There's this hot potato, Pizzagate information, and we are just trying to pass the hot potato to the public before the other team - the Censors - nuke the hot potato or allow it to grow cold.

Can we survive when the Internet has become hostile to truth?

That's the question FULCRUM asks, and we already know the answer. We will persevere.

Our website,, becomes more important than ever as nearly all centralized Big Tech platforms seem to be compromised to varying degrees.

All this censorship is certainly uncharted waters, and if you can see the whole picture as I can, it's important to remember that the pedophile freaks in Hollywood, the censorship freaks in San Francisco, and their lawyers covering for them in DC... are actually all the same people! 

It's the same sicko occult club, the Bushes and Clintons and MSM broadcasters are a part of it, and you and I aren't! The currency of the land is a foreign currency - theirs - yet we have to scramble for it?! And treat it as our own, when it's been pre-mined and pre-awarded to these sicko families without them lifting a finger or paying any sweat equity? 

Not fair, and makes no sense- that's why FULCRUM sticks to the cryptocurrency/Bitcoin beat. So that when the masses realize the Hollyweirdos and the IMF weirdos are the same exact people, part of an elite club, they will have an exit ramp: beautiful, Illuminati-free cryptocurrency.