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The address for Trump on Facebook now reads Fifth Ave, New York instead of The White House. Coincidence? And it lists him as a “Candidate,” not 45th President of the United States.

The address for Trump on Facebook now reads Fifth Ave, New York instead of The White House. Coincidence? And it lists him as a “Candidate,” not 45th President of the United States.

The Internet has lost its voice — or at least millions of us on the Internet have. Our reach is being determined by giant corporations, mostly in California, who have undisclosed profound ties to mainland Chinese interests, and to one of the wealthiest men in the world, Schwartz György, who later changed his name to the Anglicized version many are familiar with: George Soros.

Those who simply support the elected President of the United States, and those who post informative content about GMOs, pesticides, vaccines, and many other issues in the public interest are being labeled “dangerous individuals” by Big Tech platforms — and subsequently stripped of their rights.

This is actually happening.

Without any court order or official sanction, Americans are losing their voices, and we don’t have any real sense of the specific numbers yet… but they’re large. Even President Trump’s son, in recent days, has shared data about his own shadow banning: his Twitter statistics page reveals he received 112 million impressions, or views, of his tweets last month — yet received zero new followers as a result. Mathematically improbable.

President Trump’s official Facebook page now lists him as a “Political Candidate,” instead of 45th President of the United States.

Yet there is cause for hope…

FULCRUM’s web site traffic has been surging (we’ll put links below to the articles that have gone viral), and the articles we publish are in the imminent public interest ahead of the 2020 elections.

Democrat crime at the highest levels, connections to deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and how Big Tech may be compromised by Epstein’s peers…

These aren’t theories, these are vetted facts, and our Washington, DC team consists of former professional corporate media and researchers of nearly all stripes.

Please keep sharing, as you are making a difference: some of our articles have now surpassed 15,000 Likes and Shares on Facebook each, and our Twitter last month received more than one million views.

Even with the algorithmic censorship, we reach hundreds of thousands across our social media each week.

Despite the huge gains we have witnessed, and remaining steadfast to the sadly real Pedogate scandal rocking Washington and Hollywood, we need your help.

Our Patreon recently dipped below $600 per month in funding from supporters, and this is simply not enough to continue charging forward as we have been. The increase in web site traffic alone will likely increase our baseline operating costs, and we are committing to additional outside research contractors and contributors. Please strongly consider adding a pledge on Patreon for us NOW, or sending a tip via the always trusty PayPal page.

Patreon has shared that more than 2,000 video creators earn more than $1,000 per month each from their Patreon support, and we see no reason why FULCRUM shouldn’t be among them. This is not an idle call for help—even if it’s only a few dollars, each of you pitching in will make a difference.

We want, and need, to keep charging ahead. Thank you.

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