Trump & Joe: A Showdown

Before Biden announced his run for President, he famously said he could take Trump out to the woodshed and “beat Trump”.

You could say it really began then, as Trump fires a tweet back.

Little did anyone know, it was a foreshadow of things to come. Trump knew he had some good dirt that would send crazy Joe spinning.

Fast forward to a year and a half later, Joe’s son Hunter becomes a subject in the Ukraine controversy where he ended up on the Burisma Gas Board, a cushy job for a guy with zero experience. After getting caught with a crack pipe in his car and getting discharged from the Navy after testing positive for cocaine, how could Ukraine turn this guy down???

Obviously, something didn’t add up.

After it was leaked that Trump had a phone call with Ukrainan President Zelensky, Nancy Pelosi announces an impeachment inquiry before the transcript was even released. Trump releases the transcript and puts Democrats on the spot.

Rudy Giuliani also fires back at the fake news media and Democrats, who decided to push an impeachment inquiry over a perfectly legal and constitutional phone call.

Giuliani apparently was over the target, because Biden began to reach out to media and demand them to stop interviewing Giuliani.

It gets worse. Receipts are showing that Biden apparently lied about not having any knowledge dealing with his son’s new job, as a photo emerges that he and his son golfed with the gas executive. All before Hunter snagged a cushy $50,000 a month job on the Burisma board.

Trump also dropped an ad highlighting the golf outing in a Nickelback meme, which was later taken down to “copyright infringement”.

Over the target again.

Biden fires back, saying Trump is trying to influence the election by working with Ukraine to investigate corruption.

Beat him like a drum you say?

I say Joe doesn’t know he’s in over his head.

What’s next in the Trump war chest?

One thing you can say for sure, the battle for 2020 election will be electric.

What a time to be alive!

Written By @Pinkaboutit