Donald Trump's State of the Union Bypassed The Media & Won Over Independents

Giving Donald Trump the stage, uncensored and uncaged, is exactly why the establishment tries its best to keep him cloistered away - he appeals to the people.

The nearly 90 minute address to the nation, which you can watch below from PBS, was mostly a serious affair, with presidential nods given to a police officer in the audience who helped defend a synagogue from a lone gunman last year, as well as praise given to a Holocaust survivor who was among the gunman's victims.

The President also congratulated the female members of Congress on their growing numbers, and emphasized this is the best economy for American women in recorded history.

Alice Marie Johnson, also in the audience, teared up as the President noted she is free again - he commuted her sentence on nonviolent drug charges, which she has already served more than two decades in prison for. 

Aside from the emotions, Trump's delivery was that of a businessman delivering the state of the business to his stakeholders. He was highly competent, focused, and on message - with even the usually hesitant Democratic Congressional women rising to clap for him at one point.

Watch the State of the Union here: