YouTube's Biggest Advertisers Pull Out Over New Pedo Ring Controversy

"Trust the plan," "Trust Sessions," "2018 will be glorious," etc. QANON has been a fount of misinformation and blown out hopes, while the statute of limitations for many of Hillary and Podesta's alleged unprosecuted crimes rapidly approaches. 

Our worst fears about QANON have been confirmed: after an incredible year and a half of making the Internet truth community look more unhinged than it already is, boomers' favorite 8chan personality only has some publicly available links about Alex Jones' divorce battle, and more rah rah "Where We Go One, We Go All" nonsense to offer up.

Not good enough. QANON is worse than useless at this point, but at least another villain in the truth community is finally getting their karma - YouTube, according to Bloomberg and Daily Wire, is facing a backlash from its biggest advertisers, including Nestle and Disney. The video platform has been reportedly host to a network of pedophiles sharing images and contact information with each other in the comments sections of videos, as well as elsewhere on YouTube. That's right: YouTube banned myself and Alex Jones' Infowars, two places talking about the pedophile epidemic in the West, yet now YouTube is caught red-handed being a place that facilitates, rather than outs, the abuse of children. Unbelievable.

And yet the despicable criminality, the credible links to human trafficking and child abuse demonstrated throughout the Podesta WikiLeaks (see our coverage here: - forming the basis for the Pizzagate scandal we have so tirelessly reported on - have not been properly investigated by authorities.

Instead, the Trump administration and freedom-oriented Republicans in Congress seem completely deaf to the growing plight of independents, conservatives, and many others being summarily destroyed by this new wave of Internet censorship in America.

Where's my personal Twitter account, and its more than 70,000 intelligent followers interested in the same topics as me? Oh, that's right: I've been banned from Twitter for more than a year now, for simply having the audacity to ask John Podesta about his own leaked emails, which have been read by millions at this point over on WikiLeaks. Crazy me!

Where's my YouTube channel, the bedrock of my video journalism career and the project I spent the last decade of my life on primarily? Oh, that's right: I woke up one morning just about a year ago (February 23, 2018, I remember the date as if it was the passing of a dear friend) to an email from Google letting me know they had deleted my YouTube account, I was now banned, and all my prior videos weren't coming back.

Scary shit. And somehow many of you are okay with it, I don't know why.

Continue to investigate the truth - the Podesta and Hillary WikiLeaks reveal a lot, including a close relationship between John Podesta and the Rothschilds, as well as George Soros, that dates back to at least 2007 (

Podesta's perversions have not been properly vetted by the Western press, outside of us here at FULCRUM DC and a handful of brave peers including Infowars, because this thread would quickly unravel the sweater... a sweater apparently worn by Soros and the Rothschilds. If these are the primary patrons of Podesta, and they dine with him privately, how could they not know about his massive Pizza problem?

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-David Seaman