WikiLeaks Publishes Global Pre-Commits For "Sin Files" - The Big One?

Rattled by sudden US DOJ movement possibly against a Mr. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks one hour ago published its pre-commit keys for what are being called the Sin Files, since the word sin appears in the file name.

WikiLeaks tweeted this about one hour ago, at the time of publishing this article.

WikiLeaks tweeted this about one hour ago, at the time of publishing this article.

The files are protected by a password (the pre-commit keys), and WikiLeaks publishing partners around the world can now take note of those pre-commit keys, since they have been tweeted publicly.

Once well distributed, it is assumed that within hours or days the WikiLeaks team will provide the corresponding files, which can be opened up with that decryption key. More importantly, the pre-commits serve as a hash of the data to come — in other words, if the files WikiLeaks is about to share with the world do not work out to the same hash, computer science experts will know that the “data dump” has been altered in some way, and is therefore not the same version that WikiLeaks intended for the world to see.

Regardless of what the files pertain to, it must be a “big one” if this is what they are releasing in the final days before Assange is possibly rendered to the United States for prosecution.


And remember, many politicians in the US — my beloved country of citizenship — are actually not good people. Think of them more like foreign-bought marauders interested in occult pedophilia, election rigging, and general racketeering — because that’s exactly what they are.

The election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 disrupted this group of occult globalist racketeers, for lack of a better term for them.

Yet many aspects of the government, including national law enforcement, do not yet fully answer to the President. Our nation is quietly very divided here in Washington.

The last time WikiLeaks published a major batch of emails on a US politician, it was the John Podesta emails. Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign manager and a George Soros colleague, was determined by many on the Internet to be a possible pedophile, who has received invites to elite Satanic spiritcooking events, based on his own verified emails released by WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks is irritated by new operative movement.

WikiLeaks is irritated by new operative movement.

In direct response to doing a few viral videos on my YouTube channel about the bizarre Podesta emails, I was stifled, then my YouTube and Google accounts were disabled, then all of my YouTube videos were deleted without my permission and I was banned from uploading further to YouTube. This action is now the subject of a Federal Complaint filed against YouTube and its parent company. You can follow the case on PACER: Seaman v. YouTube.

Incidentally, US Representative Devin Nunes’ attorney is also my attorney, Nunes’ $250m lawsuit against Twitter Inc recently made international news headlines.

Uncle Sam coming for Julian Assange?

Uncle Sam coming for Julian Assange?

Also, in direct response to covering John Podesta’s sick and bizarre emails, The Daily Beast — owned by a company with deep ties to the Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton serving on their Board of Directors — accused me of being a con man and fraudster, when I am neither.

This defamatory activity is the subject of a Federal Complaint filed against IAC last year, The Daily Beast’s owner. You can follow this case on PACER as well: Seaman v. IAC.

What’s been done to me over the past two years — the censorship, the MSM-led character attacks and gangstalking, the threats — is unacceptable. I only read a wealthy suspected pedophile’s actual emails, as released by WikiLeaks, and as is my right as an investigative broadcast journalist covered by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. What was done to me, I need to make them accountable for in court and in the public eye. And then I need to ensure that this never happens to another journalist on planet Earth, ever again.

This is exactly who John Podesta is, based on his own WikiLeaks emails: Continue reading.