Rest Up, And Read Up

As we approach the August news doldrums here in the Swa — ahem, District of Columbia — we will remind you that FULCRUM is ad-free, and therefore we have no financial or other incentive to write about news that’s not there.

The Jeffrey Epstein case, as it advances, may lend itself to staggering news developments — we will see. And when it does, count on us first for groundbreaking coverage of it all.

Until then, enjoy what’s left of the summer, and read up: it’s all coming to pass more or less as we hypothesized it would last year, in our book. So exciting! Keep the faith, we’ve cleared some major hurdles; the Awakening moves forward in earnest.

And get caught up on our recent Facebook videos, some of which have gone viral over there! Very cool to see the censorship thawing on some of the major platforms.

Throughout our reduced news coverage in August, the weekly newsletter will go out from us, so be sure to get that, too! —DS