FULCRUM Public Affairs

This serves as public notice, along with our lengthy statement on Twitter (copied below), that we don’t agree with former John Podesta employees forming a shop here in D.C. and naming it “FULCRUM Public Affairs.”

Tasteless, at a minimum, after the amount of harassment we have already been through.

We launched in January 2017 — a demonstrably true claim we can prove in Court with ease — and whatever their game is here, it’s not wise.

They even took the username “FULCRUM DC” on Twitter, evidently to increase the confusion between our brands.

If they are in the business of public affairs, please explain why John Podesta had a 6 year old delivered to his heated pool for “entertainment.” This child had no biological or caretaker relationship to John Podesta at the time. This is child trafficking, and 228,000+ people have viewed this censorship proof backup of the evidence on Bitchute:

This is not going away, and nor is FULCRUM!