'They Know It's Coming' - DC Insiders Shaken By McCabe Indictment Chatter

We discussed the likely imminent indictment of former FBI man Andrew McCabe, who was allegedly at the heart of biased anti-Trump efforts within the bureau. Watch yesterday’s live FULCRUM show from D.C. with David:

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As the indictments begin, you’ll want real news from those with valid connections on the ground here in Washington, instead of hopeporn foreplay. Only the facts here at FULCRUM, and things don’t sound good for McCabe or his associates!

For those keeping score at home:

Those who have gone down—

1) Jeffrey Epstein (his peanut butter brittle neck shattered while in jail awaiting trial).

2) Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s sex ring.

3) The Bronfmans.

Those who have not gone down—