NXIVM Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere GUILTY On All Counts

Big news today. As ABC News is reporting, “NXIVM’s founder Keith Raniere was convicted on Wednesday on all seven counts against him, for creating what prosecutors described as a sex cult in which female members were branded with his initials and kept in line through blackmail.

Keith Raniere found guilty on all counts.

Keith Raniere found guilty on all counts.

Raniere, 58, was convicted after a six-week trial of charges including racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy, sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and attempted sex trafficking. He will be sentenced Sept. 25.”

One less creep on the streets.

Why wasn’t much of the media interested in covering Keith Raniere in-depth, or his ties to some politicians here in D.C., until his conviction today? For that matter, why has the media been countersignaling against Pedogate, when it is demonstrably real at this point?

Too many questions. Not enough answers. Those are coming soon, we hope.