Trump Labels China's Xi An "Enemy," Slaps New Tariffs on Chinese Goods

President Trump, on Twitter, has stated that tariffs on many Chinese goods will be increasing to 30% soon — the Chinese operate economically by undercutting others around the world and producing inferior, cheap imitation products, so this 30% tariff will hit their finances hard.

Trump also tweeted yesterday, “....My only question is, who is our bigger enemy, [Federal Reserve Chairman] Jay Powell or Chairman Xi?”

From his “friend” Xi, to now a stated “enemy.”

Can't Stump The Trump, especially when it comes to economics.

Can't Stump The Trump, especially when it comes to economics.

Speaking of Trump’s enemies, former FBI hack and Clinton tampon Andrew McCabe has just been awarded a lucrative contributor contract at CNN. Incredible. When the public sees things like that, understandably, it makes them feel like the Swamp hasn’t yet been drained at all—Andrew McCabe should be in prison, to set an example for others at the FBI misusing their power for political purposes.

Instead, he’ll be on TV gaslighting regularly, and taking in fat paychecks from CNN parent Time Warner.

Let’s not forget: the FBI knew what Jeffrey Epstein was for 15 years, and instead of hauling him in, Comey’s FBI reportedly made him a protected informant for years. And the FBI remarkably still has not raided and searched Epstein’s sprawling New Mexico compound — what are they waiting for?! For deceased Epstein’s accomplices to acid wash the property a second time? What a joke the FBI has become; it is emblematic of everything wrong with Washington, DC’s permanent bureaucrat culture.

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