John Podesta And Son Gabe Are Trying To Memoryhole "Walnut Saucing" WIKILEAKS Emails

John Podesta and his adult son Gabe have reportedly done a lot to "punish" and clear the Internet of articles and videos about John's disgusting WikiLeaks emails, which came out in late 2016. Watch our 8 minute analysis of the emails, which has since gone viral on YouTube-alternative Bitchute:

Why take away my YouTube channel and so much of my personal identity? THOSE EMAILS NEED EXPLANATION, NOT FURTHER COVER-UP.

Why send me a lawyer who NEVER DISCLOSED he used to work for Bill Clinton in the 90s, seeing as John Podesta was Bill Clinton's chief of staff in the White House, doesn't that kind of compromise this lawyer?

I agreed with others that the deletion of my livelihood and life's work on YouTube was a violation of my rights, which is why I sued - but I stood no chance suing with a lawyer like that by my side! Swamp trick!

What we reported on in the Podesta emails has not been debunked.

In 3 years, it has not been debunked AT ALL.

Why are John Podesta and his brother Tony frantically emailing about "walnut sauce"? What is walnut saucing? How do you go walnut saucing? Why are the busiest people in the world obsessed with walnut saucing and "walnut sauce recipes" in the months before a US Presidential election?

Why all the references to pizza? How do you access a pizza for an hour? What does that mean?

In the emails, which are real... Why is Podesta receiving invitations to Marina Abramovic "spiritcooking" events? Why is Podesta inviting a former top DOJ official, Peter Kadzik, to an upcoming "pizza extravaganza"? Within the context of busy men working within the federal government, what is a pizza extravaganza? How does this not violate their impartiality, to be partying with top Clinton/Obama officials? What does that phrase pizza extravaganza mean?

WHAT DOES ANY OF IT MEAN? Why were my media startup, rival media company Infowars, and everyone else who covered the Podesta Emails (which include Google's former chairman, Eric Schmidt) DISAPPEARED DIGITALLY by Google and YouTube, which Google owns?

If this is all a misunderstanding, maybe John Podesta and his adult son Gabe should explain what those disgusting emails mean, because constantly trying to disappear all references is not what innocent people do. That's typically not what innocent people do, at all.

Deplatforming me to this extent messed up my life, I didn’t gain in sticking with this story, I lost out big. Lost income, too much stress & ridicule for one person to handle, my life’s passion on YouTube has been replaced with paid attack videos—I wonder who paid them—accusing me of promoting a “child abuse hoax” on the last days of my YouTube channel. They say that’s why I was banned! Gaslighting, cover-up trash liars!

Not a hoax! What is walnut saucing? What is a pizza extravaganza? Why is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange rotting in solitary confinement in the UK, when he should be free? Why has everyone forgotten about him? Why is Alex Jones being destroyed by frivolous lawsuits, when he should have his channel and platforms back?

They ruined my life over this, but it’s the truth: the Podestas are very sick people.

Why are Newsweek and others now trotting out the bizarre, entirely unasked for “Cannibalism isn’t so weird” narrative? Why now?


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Andrew Breitbart, Roger Stone, Alex Jones And I Were All Deplatformed Talking About The Same Man!

John Podesta, suspected pedophile and close associate of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton family.

John Podesta, suspected pedophile and close associate of Jeffrey Epstein and the Clinton family.

Conservative journalism rockstar Andrew Breitbart was more than deplatformed, of course—he was killed. I have very little respect for people in the journalism world who are convinced that Breitbart died of natural causes, just as he was beginning to hammer John Podesta nearly daily from his Twitter account. You can still review the deluge of tweets from Breitbart about Podesta in the months before his death, by conducting an Advanced Search query on Twitter.

Keep reading this article when you have a few minutes, because this is a deep dive that deserves your attention and the attention of the broader conservative community—and, for that matter, the human community itself. Predators like John Podesta need to be held accountable, sooner or later, no matter how much money they have.

The king of conservative journalism was trying to link Podesta to child sex trafficking back in 2011.

The king of conservative journalism was trying to link Podesta to child sex trafficking back in 2011.

Among other things, Breitbart was accusing Podesta of being involved in a leftist elite child trafficking ring—a far less extraordinary claim in the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest, subsequent death, and the revelation he had three 12-year-olds “delivered” as a birthday gift, and molested them severely before sending them back to France.

That was just one incident, and one birthday. Experts say that an elite pedophile with means will abuse between 400 to 1,000 or more children during the course of his or her life.

Breitbart was also making the claim that people around Podesta liked to be covered in human blood—a bizarre claim at the time, that some seven years later is widely known in the truth community as “spiritcooking”—an occult activity that emerged in the Podesta Emails published by WikiLeaks three years ago, shortly before the US Presidential election in 2016. Podesta was receiving invitations via email to elite spiritcooking events, one of them led by Marina Abramovic, dark occultist to the stars and some in D.C. as well.

Breitbart apparently knew about spiritcooking back in 2011, and frequently mocked Podesta’s associates over the bizarre practice.

Breitbart apparently knew about spiritcooking back in 2011, and frequently mocked Podesta’s associates over the bizarre practice.

Breitbart was not obese, was under really no more pressure than any other journalist in his situation would be, and his massive heart attack in his early 40s—immediately after visiting a D.C. bar—is simply not par for the course.

In one of his last recorded interviews, which is still available on YouTube, Breitbart screamed “FUCK YOU, John Podesta!” into the handheld recording device of the journalist interviewing him, and began to ramble about the “politics of personal destruction,” as he called it, which he implied Podesta and his associates were making him endure.

Roger Stone, longtime friend to President Donald J. Trump before he became President, was banned from Twitter shortly after a tweet calling John Podesta—by name—a “Pedophile.”

Stone has been in and around conservative politics for more than four decades, and has claimed Richard Nixon as one of his key mentors. Whatever you think of Stone, he knows the political scene, and probably knows the dirt on many people in that scene.

Not only was Stone banned from Twitter, an Obama-appointed federal judge has issued a gag order against Stone, forbidding him from any other social media activity and from giving media interviews of any kind. Incredible how hard they are trying to silence us all.

My YouTube account was banned and deleted by Google nearly two years ago—a tough career blow as an investigative video journalist, for sure. From 170,000 subscribers and 17 million views on YouTube to… whoever happens to be skimming this article, I guess! Hi there!

Now, when you search for me on YouTube, you find only a video by a critic describing me as a “child abuse hoax promoter” in the title, that’s how I’m repaid for my investigative journalism on the Podestas.

No, not a hoax promoter at all, the scandal surrounding John Podesta is sadly quite real, here’s a walkthrough of just some of our legally vetted evidence.

The day Alex Jones decided to wade back into controversial waters (even for him!) and talk about the allegations surrounding John Podesta was the day that Facebook and YouTube simultaneously shut down his massively popular InfoWars content across both platforms — and a permanent ban from Twitter arrived just a couple weeks later for Jones.

And who is Podesta, exactly? He was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff in the White House, Barack Obama’s senior counselor in the White House from 2014 to 2015, and most recently Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager for her failed 2016 Presidential bid.

He and his brother, Tony Podesta, during the Clinton & Obama years also operated one of the most powerful lobbying firms on the planet — the Podesta Group.

The Podesta Group, until recently a lobbying titan that represented leading military defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies, and banks, for some reason shuttered its doors and dissolved practically overnight during the height of the Mueller investigation.

How does one of D.C.’s hardest hitting lobbying firms — an on-ramp to influence in Washington for large corporations and some of Podesta’s dinner buddies, including George Soros and Lynn Rothschild as per the WikiLeaks, close down overnight like some kind of traveling circus tent?

What the f*ck happened?

Well, no one really seems to know, and of course neither Podesta brother was charged in the final wrap-up of the Mueller investigation, which has since concluded.

A refugee from the shuttered Podesta Group, lobbyist Oscar Ramirez, has opened a new shop in D.C., and has remarkably called it “FULCRUM DC,” an apparent attempt to lower our reach in search results — or to confuse the public. Poor move. FULCRUM reported on this bizarre branding choice at the time:

Former Podesta Group lobbyist and self-described “Obama appointee” Oscar T Ramirez has begun marketing himself throughout Washington, DC as a “co-founder” of FULCRUM DC, and yet we have never heard of the man.

On the strength of the FULCRUM brand, Ramirez has already signed CVS and USAA as consulting clients.

Never met him, never heard of him, never had any dealings with Oscar Ramirez.