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From a FULCRUM promo on YouTube earlier this year.

From a FULCRUM promo on YouTube earlier this year.

As of today’s tally, FULCRUM News reaches a minimum of 38,462 smart, awakened or awakening readers and viewers. And this tally is not inclusive of other company assets, including the popular weekly newsletter, monthly podcast, and the web site itself — we have been publishing ad-free real news on Fulcrum.news since we launched in January 2017.

After relocating to the nation’s capitol earlier this year from Colorado, where we were headquartered previously, we invested heavily in originally sourced reporting and fact checking.

Going where the facts lead is sometimes unpopular, and often uncomfortable, yet that’s the proper role of a self-respecting news organization. Our numbers would be undoubtedly larger if we went for low hanging fruit like QANON, and avoided contentious topics including child trafficking and central banking billionaires, yet these topics are worthy of public scrutiny.

In fact, we can’t think of topics more important than central banking usury or systemic abuse of children by political elites, and we find it weird when others in the so-called media try to paint us as jokers or irresponsible for covering the issues they should be covering 24/7, rather than the triviality and manufactured outrage they pursue.

With real news, the outrage doesn’t need to be manufactured, because the reality is disturbing enough.

For example, Pizzagate—the claim that ultra-wealthy elites connected to the Clintons traffic in children, for occult and sexual purposes—is demonstrably true, as revealed to millions of objective and intelligent people on the Internet with the release of the Podesta emails by WikiLeaks back in October 2016. Can’t deny reality, yet many have tried.

As another example, the reality that the Federal Reserve is an undemocratic foreign-controlled financial institution working in the best interest of private shareholders rather than American citizens, and the reality that US “dollars” under the Federal Reserve have lost more than 95% of their effective value since the Reserve was chartered into being in 1913, are both true and public knowledge.

Yet the media chooses to fret and wring their hands every time Bitcoin, a promising and still tiny open source currency, dips in value—which is to miss the forest for the trees. The entire market capitalization of all bitcoins in the world is around $107 billion at the moment, or many billions of dollars less in value than the market capitalization of McDonald’s public stock (about $124 billion). That’s right: the futuristic Internet money the mainstream media has their panties in a bunch over is still worth less than one publicly listed fast food chain, yet the media follows it closely and exaggerates every pullback because their masters are terrified.

If Bitcoin works, and work it has so far, the entire reason for the Federal Reserve’s existence falls by the way side.

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You may ask: why build a news organization and a community where you avoid the easy pitches that would lead to growth (QANON, Trust Sessions theology, bashing weed, etc.) while reporting the truth consistently? And why maintain a global community of readers and viewers who are smart, independent, and impossible to convince of something untrue?

Well, the answers should be obvious here: we wanted a real news title people can depend on in these times, and we desired a community where we would feel at home—rather than alienated.

In the long term, consistently reporting truth and tackling the Big Stories are not things that will hurt us. A community with a sense of purpose, seeking out truth with humility, is bound to grow—it seems the entire Internet is looking for the truth about things. So we are in a good position.

Help the community grow, or just watch and read. Either way, thank you.

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