Bitcoin Flies Past US $9,270 As Rally Continues; Fake Chinese-Style Polls Put Joe Biden Ahead of Trump

One Bitcoin, as of moments ago, went for about US $9,277 according to, while #2 cryptocurrency network by market capitalization, Ethereum, trades above $278 each - or nearly 40 percent higher than when we hosted our FULCRUM Bitcoin and Ethereum info conference just earlier this year.

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is now one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store.

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is now one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store.

The leading cryptocurrencies will soon be able to be traded within E*Trade, Fidelity, and Robinhood - for now, Bitcoin can be traded in the popular Cash App in the U.S., and also via Coinbase or Gemini, which are both U.S. regulated.

Some naysayers like to indicate that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, yet in my opinion, this is not the case. You can store information to the Bitcoin blockchain (like a cloud-hosted record book of all transactions) in a manner that is irrevocable and censorship-proof, which is more “intrinsic” use than a dollar has. A dollar is just a rectangle of paper that lets you buy stuff.

Some naysayers also like to characterize Bitcoin, Ether, and other major cryptos as lacking the “backing” of anything valuable such as gold or oil, yet in my opinion, this is also not true: the rarity of a bitcoin or ether is what gives the currency value, period. Its provable rarity bootstraps the value people find these new stateless currencies to have.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization is currently above $164 Billion, meaning all Bitcoin mined so far collectively are worth that much or more. If more people use Bitcoin in the future as a payment method or currency, it could become more valuable; if less people use it, it could become less valuable. Simple supply and demand.

In political news, Joe Biden has weirdly topped President Trump in a new FOX News poll, and the fakestream media is pushing the counterintuitive narrative that Biden would somehow fare better in a match-up against Trump.

I say counterintuitive, because YouTube and the Internet are filled with videos of Biden inappropriately touching or molesting a number of small children with no biological or caretaker relationship to him. And he was doing it in public.

You’d think, in Internet fluent 2019, that would bar a man from serious political consideration.

Yet, like so much else of fakestream media Clownworld, these folks are pushing back hard - those gaslights burning bright. Somehow bumbling wizened Joe Biden is a normal guy, and more popular than economic miracle worker Donald Trump, who does not molest children. Oh okay.

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