Bitcoin And Ethereum Market Update! Bulls Back In Town?

Aside from the election of Donald J. Trump back in 2016, few things have remained a focus of as much controversy — and debate — as the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin back above US $10,000 on major exchanges, and Ether above $210.

Bitcoin back above US $10,000 on major exchanges, and Ether above $210.

Some on the Internet love it, some hate it, some see it as a cure to all of the world's problems... others see it as a quick profit opportunity.

Whatever you think of it, we are more than a DECADE out from the moment when Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first version of Bitcoin's software, back in January 2009 to limited attention and praise at the time.

It hasn't gone away.

The central banks and many governments have sounded off on their views of this new asset class, yet it has not gone away, and it is not likely to at this point.

Big financial institutions including E*Trade and Fidelity have begun building storage, or custodial, services for the users of the leading cryptos, which include Bitcoin and Ether at the moment.

Bitcoin, the first crypto, has a simple economic schedule: coins are produced or "mined" throughout time by a mining network of participating computers. Mining gets more difficult over time, and the supply of new coins produced as a mining reward is cut in half approximately every 4 years, making supply scarce over time. The number of total coins in the Bitcoin network is capped at an eventual 21 million, and at that point, no new coins will be created. Instead, it is presumed that a market will form around the circulating coins available at that point in time, but we are still many years away from that date.

To receive, send, or store Bitcoins for the long term, you don't need a bank account. Numerous free wallet apps exist for Samsung and Apple smartphones, making daily purchases a breeze. The Flexa app, for example, even lets cryptocurrency users spend their Bitcoin or Ether at leading US merchants including Whole Foods, Petco, and Starbucks, to name a few big names participating in the Flexa project. The process of paying with crypto is almost identical to using Google Pay or Apple Pay, as it uses the same contactless technology on your iPhone or Samsung phone.

Sending and receiving Ether is very similar to the Bitcoin experience, except that more Ether exist in the world today, and currently the supply of Ether is not capped - although it is mined over time by computers, in a competitive process similar in many ways to Bitcoin's simpler mining routine.

With Ether, it is a P2P money like Bitcoin, but also the "fuel" for hundreds of decentralized apps or "dApps" as they're called, which run without censorship or interference on Ethereum's blockchain. Messing with them or knocking them offline is essentially impossible without taking on Ethereum's blockchain itself, which is secured by many millions of dollars in specialized mining hardware.

Some of these dApps include Livepeer, a decentralized video livestreaming encoding and hosting service, Cent, a blog publishing network on the blockchain similar to Medium, and NEXO, an "automated" bank-like lender that takes in your crypto deposit and immediately (or within minutes) issues you a credit line in your local fiat currency (US dollars or euros, for example) dependent on the amount of cryptocurrency you deposit. Very cool innovations, running 24/7 without any strong possibility of being knocked offline.

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yet this is the future, and those who can't see it will become the new servant class sooner than any of us can accept, I'm afraid. These dApps and monetary networks are here to stay, it appears.

The Ethereum World Computer explained in 1 min., 28 seconds:

“Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, fraud or third party interference. Ethereum is how the Internet was supposed to work: it's a censorship-proof planetary scale computer, where users always stay in control of their funds and personal data.”

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Not financial advice — at time of publication, writer of this post may hold a position in some or all currencies and assets discussed.

Zcash Rises 11% As Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Take A Pause

We've been placing some fairly substantial buys of Zcash (ZEC) this morning.

The “other” coin on Gemini and Coinbase Pro, Zcash (ZEC).

The “other” coin on Gemini and Coinbase Pro, Zcash (ZEC).

ZEC trades on Gemini in the US, and on Coinbase Pro for institutions and professional traders (see

With all the political instability in China and the tensions with Hong Kong, as well as rising political instability in the world, I think the world is finally ready for a privacy coin. Aside from having a feature that lets you send "shielded" transactions to another user or address you specify, it functions similar as Bitcoin, and in fact relies on much of the Bitcoin core codebase.

When a transaction is sent shielded, details such as the amount are kept encrypted and can’t be seen by third parties without the view key. For public tipping addresses and other unshielded activity, you can create a “transparent” Zcash address in your wallet, which will always begin with the pre-fix t. (Non-transparent addresses begin with the pre-fix z.)

A market leader like Gemini offering ZEC to their customers for trade tells me it's not a shitcoin, and despite a nice run-up lately, it is still a battered coin in terms of value versus a year ago...

ZEC is down about 35% from this time a year ago, which makes it a potential bargain in my personal opinion, given my personal high risk tolerance for trying out new crypto technologies.

Compare that to Litecoin (LTC), which also trades on Gemini, and which is up about 160% from this time a year ago, despite being an older coin without the exciting built-in privacy features of Zcash.

I look for values, not only risks.

Plus, maintaining your financial privacy is becoming a do or die prospect for nearly everyone on the planet - in China, the wrong transaction means you can be sent to prison, and while in prison even have your organs harvested so that some old politically connected piece of garbage can see using your eyes or live using your heart.

And in the West, it's little better: the President is hounded by his opponents for details on all his past financial dealings, the wrong disclosure could be damaging. And if you support this man - or any of his populist policies - you are at risk of being "de-banked" or otherwise excluded from the legacy financial system.

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Bitcoin Flies Past US $9,270 As Rally Continues; Fake Chinese-Style Polls Put Joe Biden Ahead of Trump

One Bitcoin, as of moments ago, went for about US $9,277 according to, while #2 cryptocurrency network by market capitalization, Ethereum, trades above $278 each - or nearly 40 percent higher than when we hosted our FULCRUM Bitcoin and Ethereum info conference just earlier this year.

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is now one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store.

The Gemini cryptocurrency app is now one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store.

The leading cryptocurrencies will soon be able to be traded within E*Trade, Fidelity, and Robinhood - for now, Bitcoin can be traded in the popular Cash App in the U.S., and also via Coinbase or Gemini, which are both U.S. regulated.

Some naysayers like to indicate that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, yet in my opinion, this is not the case. You can store information to the Bitcoin blockchain (like a cloud-hosted record book of all transactions) in a manner that is irrevocable and censorship-proof, which is more “intrinsic” use than a dollar has. A dollar is just a rectangle of paper that lets you buy stuff.

Some naysayers also like to characterize Bitcoin, Ether, and other major cryptos as lacking the “backing” of anything valuable such as gold or oil, yet in my opinion, this is also not true: the rarity of a bitcoin or ether is what gives the currency value, period. Its provable rarity bootstraps the value people find these new stateless currencies to have.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization is currently above $164 Billion, meaning all Bitcoin mined so far collectively are worth that much or more. If more people use Bitcoin in the future as a payment method or currency, it could become more valuable; if less people use it, it could become less valuable. Simple supply and demand.

In political news, Joe Biden has weirdly topped President Trump in a new FOX News poll, and the fakestream media is pushing the counterintuitive narrative that Biden would somehow fare better in a match-up against Trump.

I say counterintuitive, because YouTube and the Internet are filled with videos of Biden inappropriately touching or molesting a number of small children with no biological or caretaker relationship to him. And he was doing it in public.

You’d think, in Internet fluent 2019, that would bar a man from serious political consideration.

Yet, like so much else of fakestream media Clownworld, these folks are pushing back hard - those gaslights burning bright. Somehow bumbling wizened Joe Biden is a normal guy, and more popular than economic miracle worker Donald Trump, who does not molest children. Oh okay.

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"Dr Pizza" Arrest Vindicates Pizzagaters, Bitcoin Roars Above US $8,400 on China Trade Tensions, And More News

Well, well, well. As unlikely as it may sound to some, the Pizzagate truth community was handed a long overdue victory in the F.B.I. arrest and subsequent imprisonment without bail of Dr. Pizza, as he was known on Twitter.

Dr. Pizza, whose real name is Peter Bright, happens to be an outspoken Trump critic, and was one of the loudest critics of “Pizzagate” when it went viral about two years ago on the Internet. To recap, Pizzagate was the truthful claim that pedophiles use a code language, including the word “pizza,” to denote a young female child - in much the same way that cannabis users have, in the past, evaded detection by using code words such as “lettuce” or whatever else to disguise their discussions while in mixed company.

Pizzagate researchers also asserted that this odd code language was found throughout the WikiLeaks emails of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta. This claim is demonstrably true, and has been a frequent topic of FULCRUM’s news coverage.

Dr. Pizza took personal exception to our founder’s truthful groundbreaking coverage of Pizzagate, Pedogate, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pizza took personal exception to our founder’s truthful groundbreaking coverage of Pizzagate, Pedogate, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pizza’s downfall is another chink in the armor of people, especially those in media, attempting to deny the scope of this scandal. Peter Bright was a popular journalist on the left, and a loud Pizzagate denier, even going so far as to personally reply to some of our founder’s tweets about Pizzagate at the time.

"He got vindicated because of Dr. Pizza. It's fucking real, man, sorry,” the livestreamer Defango reportedly said on his show the other night.

And that does appear to be the case.

Bitcoin’s fantastic 2019 recovery so far.

Bitcoin’s fantastic 2019 recovery so far.

In less depressing news, cryptocurrency markets led by Bitcoin continued to gain on Friday, with Bitcoin up 3.4% or so over the last 24 hours, according to #2 cryptocurrency network by market capitalization, Ethereum, is down half a percent or so over the same time period, yet is still up substantially in US dollar value - up by about 26% - when you move out to the monthly chart.

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