What's Next For FULCRUM

Although nothing here is a guarantee, here are existing internal timelines at FULCRUM News:

  • Before the end of this year: a functioning two-way news app available in the App Store and Android Play Store. We know we need our own app for video news content delivery as well as timely notifications. It is a priority!
  • Before July: Beefed up reporting staff / east coast editorial office to cover the rapidly evolving modernization happening in east coast states; growing support for Trump, more states going legal on cannabis, etc.
  • Within two years: a co-leased or solely owned comm satellite to deliver/back-up our most critical news content.

OF COURSE, these timelines can be moved up a bit if cryptocurrency continues to grow at the rate it did (or even close to it) in 2017. And these timelines can be moved up with significant public support, which is why getting the subscription is so important to our continued success. Thank you.

One of our other main 2018 objectives, launching the FULCRUM partner program, has already been fulfilled. Victory! We feel that being a "truth warrior" nowadays should be a calling, not a career - but why not make it both if you can? For well-performing strategic partners and part-time affiliates alike, we foresee many years of opportunity to help us grow our news brand... and clean out the old, stale Fake News brands in the process.

Due to numerous requests, we will continue to upload our content to YouTube for the time being, but will no longer use them as a primary base for our video content & livestreams. Decentralized alternatives are being aggressively explored by our team, and in the meantime we continue to upload all of our most critical news content to Bitchute/SPKOUT, as the Bitchute/SPKOUT platform has a growing viewer community and cannot be easily censored due to its innovative P2P design.