Rise of the Stable Geniuses: Donald Trump is the standard-bearer

It's true: there's something happening now, specifically in America and in parts of Europe, that the mainstream media and the tech giants have literally no ability to accommodate into their coverage — in the same way that a dentist will never tell you it's okay to eat candy all day, and a person who works at a rehab clinic will never tell you to do hard drugs whenever you'd like.

It'd be antithetical to their stated purpose, and in the same way, the MSM is just doing its role: make-upped whores and court jesters for the establishment until the end. You have to admire that. I guess.

It's all crashing down, yet the MSM focuses on Russia! Russia! Russia! even though Russia doesn't want to wipe us off the map (the Satanic globalists do, however); Russia is a culturally and ethnographically similar nuclear superpower that is battling similar forces — the Khazarians, the Rothschilds, Soros, and the House of Saud's stranglehold on oil.

A handful of families built themselves a nasty little worldwide cartel thing over the last 40 years. Oil and currency, two commodities every man and woman needs in the modern West. And they are the middlemen, the trolls at the toll bridge.

And their "Fake News" (truly that) kept them in control, and tolerated by the populace, long beyond the point of economic reasonability.

The Internet at first gradually, then very abruptly, destroyed their world because they didn't co-opt it soon enough. Sure, they have their folks at TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and GOOGLE censoring content all day and night, like computer-age Stasi agents from some East Germany redux from hell.

Yet the base layer Internet protocols are mostly sound, and much better ones are on the way. Information gets out. It leaks around the world fast. They get their Cabal muppets in at YOUTUBE, and Bitchute and DTUBE emerge. See? What's happening now — this Awakening — it cannot be stopped. 

Information about Clinton Foundation corruption, Hillary's health, and other related concerns circled the globe critically just days before the US election.

Donald J. Trump won. He got his message out, using the Internet, at a time when the MSM was corrupt beyond functionality.

And today, President Trump lobbed a helluva truth bomb at the status quo:

"DISGRACEFUL!" Trump declared of his Attorney General's lack of real action on FISA abuse.

"DISGRACEFUL!" Trump declared of his Attorney General's lack of real action on FISA abuse.

Trump is willing to call out non-performers in his administration, and replace them when deemed necessary.

He is not a member of the deep state, as other recent Presidents on both sides have been.

The information that comes out over the next few months is going to rock some Americans to the core of their belief system.

Be there for them, and know that the 'disruption' of truth is always superior to continuing to be duped. No more deception. No more Truman Show, literally (President Truman commissioned the original CIA and NSA into existence). Trump already showed us the true nature of the world, and no one was paying attention aside from us and a random staffer at the New York Post. Re-read the JFK Files. Hitler may have actually lived until 1955, if not longer. Internal CIA/FBI documents state that as a distinct possibility. Photo evidence.

Operation Paperclip, the US need for space dominance after WW II, the great truce.

Think deeper.

Things are not as they seem.

Trump and his team are trying to wake us up as quickly as possible without disruption/mass violence breaking out. That is admirable, and the right path. If it takes longer than some people would like, then it does. I want fast arrests because children's lives are at stake, and because key environmental disclosures have not yet been made regarding fluoride in the water and genetically modified foods.

We have nothing to compare this problem against, however, it is that vast. Therefore, who's to say we are moving too slow, or too fast. It sounds as if they're trying to save the patient without severing any vital arteries, so to speak. The Cabal is deeply embedded into many areas of life. Its removal requires time, patience, and bravery.

YouTube didn't ban our controversial 10-year-old YouTube channel with ~162,000 subscribers because we pointed out David Hogg's father is former FBI. David Hogg's father is, after all, former FBI — even Anderson Cooper admitted that during a CNN segment, so it's not a terribly controversial thing to reveal. We were banned, like many others, to silence the disclosures ahead. The true nature of the world. Who or what do the Clintons and Bushes bow to? When, precisely, did an occult group seize the reins of Western power? 

Compared to the absolute insanity of the recent past, and the people who authored it into being, Trump and his team are indeed stable geniuses. Greatness takes time; it also has to be pushed forward, nurtured. We have to do our parts, each of us. We have to spread the word, outside of online outlets controlled by the other side.

Next steps:

What's Next For FULCRUM

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  • Within two years: a co-leased or solely owned comm satellite to deliver/back-up our most critical news content.

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