WITCH: Hillary Tweeted About "PizzaGate" One Year BEFORE PizzaGate Broke, And Now Everyone's Freaking Out

Well this is just super weird, isn’t it? Maybe not quite as weird as someone lowering the flag to half mast on Epstein’s island, leading many online to speculate they may have found child victim remains… but still pretty weird!

Hillary Clinton tweeted an emoji of a pizza and alongside it the text, “Guilty as charged.”

Well, of course she did, you’re thinking to yourself. That’s just what the Clintons do—when they are cornered with allegations of something outrageous, which they probably did do to some extent, they mock the living sh*t out of the claim until it is so thoroughly gaslit into oblivion, no one dares mention it again.

But wait a second: Hillary tweeted this in early November 2015, not November 2016—in other words, one full year before the 2016 election, which is around the time the Podesta Emails leaked on WikiLeaks.

So, she is making a cheeky reference to PizzaGate, before PizzaGate has been mentioned by anyone on planet Earth, or has even been broken as a story! The Podesta Emails aren’t yet a thing when she tweets this out.

The URL shortener link she included in her tweet is now dead and leads nowhere, but researchers claim the link originally went out to a PR-style fluff article praising the Clinton campaign on “running on pizza.”

Oh okay.

Oh okay.

These cocky bastards. If you understand that Podesta was reportedly using the word “pizza” in his emails to refer to a child, then Hillary Clinton is essentially saying the campaign runs on pedophilia, and she is “Guilty as charged.”

Let that hair stand up on your neck. It’s okay.

This is one strange world lately.

Why would she tweet that? Well, she’s obviously crazy, but they “hint in public” at what they do in private. Plus, this was one year before Trump Hulk smashed her in the general US election, and she had no indication at the time, poll wise—nor did her advisors—that she would not win.

You can send that Pulitzer any time! I’ll be here waiting.