John Podesta And Son Gabe Are Trying To Memoryhole "Walnut Saucing" WIKILEAKS Emails

John Podesta and his adult son Gabe have reportedly done a lot to "punish" and clear the Internet of articles and videos about John's disgusting WikiLeaks emails, which came out in late 2016. Watch our 8 minute analysis of the emails, which has since gone viral on YouTube-alternative Bitchute:

Why take away my YouTube channel and so much of my personal identity? THOSE EMAILS NEED EXPLANATION, NOT FURTHER COVER-UP.

Why send me a lawyer who NEVER DISCLOSED he used to work for Bill Clinton in the 90s, seeing as John Podesta was Bill Clinton's chief of staff in the White House, doesn't that kind of compromise this lawyer?

I agreed with others that the deletion of my livelihood and life's work on YouTube was a violation of my rights, which is why I sued - but I stood no chance suing with a lawyer like that by my side! Swamp trick!

What we reported on in the Podesta emails has not been debunked.

In 3 years, it has not been debunked AT ALL.

Why are John Podesta and his brother Tony frantically emailing about "walnut sauce"? What is walnut saucing? How do you go walnut saucing? Why are the busiest people in the world obsessed with walnut saucing and "walnut sauce recipes" in the months before a US Presidential election?

Why all the references to pizza? How do you access a pizza for an hour? What does that mean?

In the emails, which are real... Why is Podesta receiving invitations to Marina Abramovic "spiritcooking" events? Why is Podesta inviting a former top DOJ official, Peter Kadzik, to an upcoming "pizza extravaganza"? Within the context of busy men working within the federal government, what is a pizza extravaganza? How does this not violate their impartiality, to be partying with top Clinton/Obama officials? What does that phrase pizza extravaganza mean?

WHAT DOES ANY OF IT MEAN? Why were my media startup, rival media company Infowars, and everyone else who covered the Podesta Emails (which include Google's former chairman, Eric Schmidt) DISAPPEARED DIGITALLY by Google and YouTube, which Google owns?

If this is all a misunderstanding, maybe John Podesta and his adult son Gabe should explain what those disgusting emails mean, because constantly trying to disappear all references is not what innocent people do. That's typically not what innocent people do, at all.

Deplatforming me to this extent messed up my life, I didn’t gain in sticking with this story, I lost out big. Lost income, too much stress & ridicule for one person to handle, my life’s passion on YouTube has been replaced with paid attack videos—I wonder who paid them—accusing me of promoting a “child abuse hoax” on the last days of my YouTube channel. They say that’s why I was banned! Gaslighting, cover-up trash liars!

Not a hoax! What is walnut saucing? What is a pizza extravaganza? Why is WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange rotting in solitary confinement in the UK, when he should be free? Why has everyone forgotten about him? Why is Alex Jones being destroyed by frivolous lawsuits, when he should have his channel and platforms back?

They ruined my life over this, but it’s the truth: the Podestas are very sick people.

Why are Newsweek and others now trotting out the bizarre, entirely unasked for “Cannibalism isn’t so weird” narrative? Why now?


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'PizzaGate' Is Still Real

Massive efforts to deplatform everyone talking about John Podesta and his creepy emails are quite the tell.

John Podesta—a man of retirement age—and his adult son Gabe reportedly doing all they can to “crush” PizzaGate references on the Internet… some nearly 3 years after those creepy WikiLeaks emails broke… is also quite the tell.

John Podesta’s former employee launching a lobbying firm in DC and remarkably calling his venture… FULCRUM DC, thus burying us partially in search results… is also quite the tell.

What these things aren’t is a debunking of any kind. PizzaGate is still as real as the day it broke, and in only 8 minutes, you can learn what hundreds of thousands on the Internet already know:

WITCH: Hillary Tweeted About "PizzaGate" One Year BEFORE PizzaGate Broke, And Now Everyone's Freaking Out

Well this is just super weird, isn’t it? Maybe not quite as weird as someone lowering the flag to half mast on Epstein’s island, leading many online to speculate they may have found child victim remains… but still pretty weird!

Hillary Clinton tweeted an emoji of a pizza and alongside it the text, “Guilty as charged.”

Well, of course she did, you’re thinking to yourself. That’s just what the Clintons do—when they are cornered with allegations of something outrageous, which they probably did do to some extent, they mock the living sh*t out of the claim until it is so thoroughly gaslit into oblivion, no one dares mention it again.

But wait a second: Hillary tweeted this in early November 2015, not November 2016—in other words, one full year before the 2016 election, which is around the time the Podesta Emails leaked on WikiLeaks.

So, she is making a cheeky reference to PizzaGate, before PizzaGate has been mentioned by anyone on planet Earth, or has even been broken as a story! The Podesta Emails aren’t yet a thing when she tweets this out.

The URL shortener link she included in her tweet is now dead and leads nowhere, but researchers claim the link originally went out to a PR-style fluff article praising the Clinton campaign on “running on pizza.”

Oh okay.

Oh okay.

These cocky bastards. If you understand that Podesta was reportedly using the word “pizza” in his emails to refer to a child, then Hillary Clinton is essentially saying the campaign runs on pedophilia, and she is “Guilty as charged.”

Let that hair stand up on your neck. It’s okay.

This is one strange world lately.

Why would she tweet that? Well, she’s obviously crazy, but they “hint in public” at what they do in private. Plus, this was one year before Trump Hulk smashed her in the general US election, and she had no indication at the time, poll wise—nor did her advisors—that she would not win.

You can send that Pulitzer any time! I’ll be here waiting.

SAVAGE: European Media Destroys Prince Andrew Over Jeffrey Epstein Visits

If Prince Andrew was so “appalled” by Jeffrey Epstein being a serial pedophile, it is curious that he was recorded leaving Epstein’s Manhattan townhome years after the billionaire was first convicted of being a pedophile.

The same can be said of American tech titan Bill Gates. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder reportedly flew on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and fraternized with the perverted billionaire years after the world discovered what Epstein was, via his first conviction.

And the European newspapers haven’t even gotten to the sad finale here. We will spoil the ending for you: why do the vast majority of children flown to “the Island” never return, according to pilots’ flight logs? Do they swim back to their home countries? Do they enter a magical mystery Stargate to another dimension? WHERE DO THEY GO?

You’ll figure it out soon enough.

Today’s Sun frontpage, circulated throughout the UK and other parts of Europe—

European media is shattering these “elites” over their pedo billionaire ties: where is the American media’s voice in this round of condemnation? Relatively silent, aside from us,  Breitbart , and a select few others.

European media is shattering these “elites” over their pedo billionaire ties: where is the American media’s voice in this round of condemnation? Relatively silent, aside from us, Breitbart, and a select few others.

ANALYSIS: Trump, And The Trumps, Aren't Tainted By Vast 'PizzaGate' Fallout

Here we go. The corporate media leftists have gone from denying PizzaGate is real, to begrudgingly admitting it is completely real, and will be President Donald J. Trump’s downfall. Well, that’s not what a “former” CIA man told us nearly two years ago in Washington, D.C., so I’ll relay part of that conversation to you now.

At FULCRUM, facts matter.

Does America have a just, God-fearing leader again?

Does America have a just, God-fearing leader again?

In fact, they’re the only thing that matters to a real journalism outfit — not readers’ feelings, not the fickle public’s tastes, not short term traffic numbers (which lately have been phenomenal), and not baseless threats from the people we have exposed with relative ease since those weird WikiLeaks came out in late 2016. Has it really been three years? Time flies.

At lunch near the White House, this former CIA hog told FULCRUM that if there was “some pedo” (as he put it) in Trump’s past, they simply could not find it. And this is a deepstate hog who has mostly aligned himself with Democrat politicians, and Democrats, over the past several years.

You can’t find what’s not there, which is why they bet it all on the failed RussiaGate collusion narrative instead.

Now who does go down over PizzaGate?

Well, Prince Andrew for sure, at least in the court of public opinion. Are royals above the law? I don’t know; I’m not British.

And Bill Gates, too. Are tech billionaires above the law in America? I guess we’ll find out.

And what’s left of the historical Rothschild banking family. They’ve been awfully quiet lately. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Evelyn Rothschild’s “wife,” used to appear regularly on CNBC, FOX Business, and was very active in the financial community. Now? She deleted her Twitter account more than a year ago, citing harassment from “Russian trolls” (i.e. woke truthers), and has become the invisible woman of global finance.

Really, where is Lynn? Is everything alright, Lynn?

Trump’s multi-decade critics and enemies — they’re still alive to tell the tale. They have grudges, not dirt.

Apropos of nothing, I wanted to share this video we took during the 4th of July celebration this summer in D.C. It was the first time I realized the media is not just trying to gaslight, they’re bluffing at the poker table without any hand whatsoever. This is Trump’s hand, should it become necessary to play it:

The world knows who Donald J. Trump is at this point.

And that’s a good thing.

Need more proof? Well, he wanted Podesta prosecuted last year — as his publicly timestamped tweet shows. It was Treacherous Sessions who did not act, and the “Q army” had a deep Trust Sessions love for the old Keebler elf, which may have made Sessions’ departure more difficult for the administration to carry out. Eventually, they tossed him out anyway, and now we have Barr — for better or worse!

Trump tweets

Need even more proof? He called out Anthony Weiner — a member of the Clinton cult, Senator Schumer’s protege, and Huma Abedin’s husband — 15+ times seven years ago. As Nicole Kidman has pointed out, members of these cults are strictly forbidden from calling each other out, ever, no exceptions. It’s silence until death do they part.

Trumps are clean.

OPINION: Where Are The Watchmen?

by Jeremy Smith, FULCRUM

Where do I start in this mess? How does one even begin in a world where chaos and confusion reign supreme?

The world is weirder than we thought, that much is certain.

The world is weirder than we thought, that much is certain.

Clown world has now ramped up to a new level. Demon world?

Black pilled doesn’t do it justice now. Oblivion pilled, never to return? How does one navigate through this insanity?

We live in a world where literal coup plotters can get caught red handed, but justice never catches up to them. No matter how many predictions and promises from Q, no BOOMS ever come. No swamp draining ever occurs. I have a bad feeling we’ll be waiting on these things to happen for an eternity.

We live in a world where elite pedophiles can get off the hook and get special treatment in prison.

We live in a world where those same pedophiles finally look like they might meet lady justice head on, only to watch them slip through the cracks AGAIN. Let’s not fool ourselves. We’ve been lied to so much, who could blame any of us for doubting “official narratives.” Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide…. I also have oceanfront property to sell you in West Virginia.

The only good news? People are starting to wake up. I’m not talking about those of us who’ve seen for a long time… I’m talking about normies… people who usually buy the MSM narrative. Now, even they realize, “whoa… we’ve been lied to.” The next progression is, “if they’d lie about something as big as Epstein’s suicide, what else have they lied to us about?”

9/11? Bin Laden? The Vegas massacre? On and on and on it will go… an avalanche of doubt (and with good reason).

This is the good news.

John McAfee, in a recent interview, said, “the government shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of the American people… they’ve been in a sleep state and are starting to wake up!”

Where does this lead us?


Never in my life have I seen a story cause so much trouble. Ever since PizzaGate broke, whether some, none, or all of it is real, pandemonium has ensued. The media had Alefantis on one time, and whammy, a few lawsuits later, too many of us washed our hands too quick.

Do I think children were literally EATEN in a pizza joint? No.

Do I think children were being trafficked out of that place? No.

Does that mean every ounce of it - every theme there - every element of that tale is a conspiracy theory (which might end up being a thought crime here soon, by the way)?

Not a chance - not on your life.

We all saw the pictures, no matter how hard some try to deny it… no matter how hard some try to paint the picture of Wikileaks being compromised and those symbols, faked.

Funny… I’ve seen admitted MAPs proudly use those same symbols on social media. Those codes? Cheese pizza, so on, and so forth? These are known terms used on the black market to peddle child porn. These aren’t theories, folks… these are FACTS. Why some choose to write that off because of one loon (actor) who shoots into Comet, is beyond me. That shooter doesn’t change the facts.

Can these “facts” hold up in a court of law? No, BUT, can coup plotters get away with blatant crimes? Yes. Can KNOWN child traffickers fly to the four corners of the earth and own temples on secluded islands? Can presidents and top notch lawyers fly on pedophile planes in the sky with no repercussions?

Here are some facts:

Alefantis’ Instagram was creepy. We have occult symbolism? Check. We have beyond awkward photos of kids in pretend bondage? Check. We have bizarre looking men in “I love children” shirts? Check. Do the math. Stop caring if you look cool or logical. Is this proof that would hold up in court? No… but it’s awfully weird. Come on. Heavy Breathing? Nothing to see there, I guess. Legit pedophilic jokes are just jokes, I guess. Would you let your kids hang out with Majestic Ape? What about the strange artwork of ritualistic scenes? Little spirits leaving little bodies… big bodies with wands laying over little bodies… sexual implications galore. Come on, people. Wake up.

Pedophilia isn’t a left vs. right thing, BUT, let’s be honest. Out of both flawed sides, the left openly promotes “love knows no age.” The left promotes, “anything goes.” I personally think that entire block where Comet sits catered to all, including pedos. It’s the way of the left in the present day. They’ve drove it so far to the left, it went off the rails.

Can I prove in a court of law that Podesta’s emails contained pedo code? No, I can’t, but does that make them any less strange? I’ve been watching food shows for decades. Not once have I heard walnut sauce mentioned, let alone numerous times with strange context. I can prove that he was invited to a spirit cooking ritual, though. I can prove the word “Thelema” was used (more on this soon). What about Dr. Pizza? Was he simply a pizza lover, or was their deeper meaning in that handle?

What about the mysterious adrenochrome? Is it real - is it fake? Was Hunter S. being fantastical or kidding around? That I cannot tell you, but blood sacrifice has been all too real throughout the ages. Hunter S. also talked about the “football months where crazed pedos kidnap children off the streets to sell as sex slaves.” Was that a joke too? Fantasy? Is pedophilia itself a conspiracy theory? Why are the Clintons tied to an epipen company?

When asked about a strange picture on the wall of his office, John Podesta said, “it’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.” It doesn’t take a genius to see that is a Satanic creed. If you can’t believe John’s emails are nefarious, what about his brother, Tony? In his own words he owns a bunker style theater to view “dangerous art.” Judging by the art he deems safe to show out of his home, I’d hate to see what he thinks is “dangerous art.”

As if all of this combined wasn’t enough to make you stop and think, “this might be more than a wacky conspiracy theory,” let’s look at the father of spirit cooking, Aleister Crowley. Marina Abramovic, herself, is an admitted Crowley-ite. What was it she said? “If done in a public setting, it’s art… if done in a private setting, though?” Crowley was tapped in to the darkest energies in this universe. If you need a reminder, look up his poetry book, “White Stains.” I won’t go into detail here, but in that book is a poem entitled, “An Ode to Passive Pederasty.” Beastiality is also a theme in this book. I don’t need QAnon to tell me that these people are sick. Pardon me if I’m a bit suspicious of powerful people in my government who are tied to Crowley, and also possibly tied to pedophilia. How many coincidences can be ignored?

Let’s look at the new hit show, “Strange Angel,” about Jack Parsons. Parsons was alleged to be a devout Crowley-ite. Sex magik is the key. Parsons and his OWN MOTHER allegedly engaged in sex rituals. Pardon me if it seems like this entire culture of alleged Satanic pedos are uncloaking right before our eyes. They want us to know. There’s power in them showing us. How many years has Hollywood shoved this Illuminati/Satanic imagery down our throats? How many decades, actually? It’s not hard to see… they WANT us to see.

Where does this bring us back to? Epstein. Epstein is the key that makes these “conspiracy theories” a reality. People are waking up now. Don’t be so quick to write this off. Don’t be so quick to poo poo something you can’t handle. Not all of us have abandoned the watchtowers. We need watchmen in the watchtowers looking out for wolves. What I’ve detailed is more than enough to make anyone suspicious. Maybe terms like PizzaGate and psyops like QAnon are used to make real life wickedness look goofy and muddy the waters of truth.

I personally don’t care what label is given to this subject… PizzaGate, PedoGate, makes no difference. The fact is there’s a culture of unspeakable wickedness in this world, and through Epstein, we’ve all seen more than enough to be suspicious. Don’t abandon the watchtowers because it won’t “hold up in a court of law.” We have a right to be suspicious. —JS

DESPICABLE: Jeffrey Epstein "Gifted" Three 12-Year-Olds On His Birthday, Promptly Molested Them

European media, including the Irish Sun and British Daily Mail, are now reporting that Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a high profile Epstein accuser, “described the sadistic birthday present in unsealed court documents from a 2015 lawsuit.”

The documents, finally made public, will change the world.

PizzaGate was the claim, based on WikiLeaks emails of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta leaked weeks before the 2016 election, that elites traffick in — and sometimes gift each other — underage girls, referred to as “pizza” by the traffickers, and that these girls are molested, tortured, and in some cases even killed.

As depicted in  Eyes Wide Shut , Stanley Kubrick’s last film, the “elite” aren’t at all like the rest of us. They’re monsters.

As depicted in Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick’s last film, the “elite” aren’t at all like the rest of us. They’re monsters.

Researchers believe the victims are often tortured physically to the point of what is known as psychological dissociation, making it harder for authorities to accurately gain information from the victims later on, and making the victims less likely to come forward in the first place.

The Sun is reporting “Jeffrey [Epstein] bragged afterwards after he met them that they were 12-year-olds and flown over from France because they’re really poor over there.”

It’s important to note that child victims are often sought out for their low socioeconomic status, rather than nationality. The girls allegedly “procured” by Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell, for instance, were often targeted due to their economic neediness.

This story is still developing, and more information will be published as it becomes available.

Continue Reading— EXPOSED: Direct Link Between James Alefantis, John Podesta, and Jeffrey Epstein's Rape Island

WIKILEAKS: Suspected Child Rapist John Podesta Had The Whole US Media In His Pocket

WikiLeaks revealed  all  the major corporate media outlets have gone to Podesta’s house — is that professional distance between reporter and subject? Or is this a true conspiracy? Read the WikiLeaks email and decide for yourself.

WikiLeaks revealed all the major corporate media outlets have gone to Podesta’s house — is that professional distance between reporter and subject? Or is this a true conspiracy? Read the WikiLeaks email and decide for yourself.

Wondering why much of the US media has maligned “Pizzagate” investigators as self-interested, greedy, delusional, and dangerous? Wondering why those gaslights are burning so bright to protect John Podesta, even though his associate George Nader (named in Robert Mueller’s final report) has been charged with child sex trafficking, and even though his other associate Jeffrey Epstein masterminded an entire island of underage abuse?

We may never know the full story now that Epstein’s neck has been shattered; strange things happen, as A.G. Barr would like us to believe.

Or: we are witnessing the largest criminal coverup in American history, unfolding right before our eyes.

At least we know one piece of the puzzle now — why the media protects John Podesta. They’re all his friends!

From WikiLeaks email ID 38636 of the Podesta Emails:

> Subject: RSVP - Podesta


> Here is the latest RSVP for Thursday night at Podesta’s. (Marrissa please print for JP)


> Yes

> ABC – Liz Kreutz

> Yes

> AP – Julie Pace

> Yes

> AP - Ken Thomas

> Yes

> AP - Lisa Lerer

> AURN - April Ryan

> Yes

> Bloomberg - Jennifer Epstein

> Yes

> Buzzfeed - Ruby Cramer

> Yes

> CBS – Steve Chagaris

> Yes

> CNBC - John Harwood

> Yes

> CNN - Dan Merica

> Yes

> Huffington Post - Amanda Terkel

> NO (Panama)

> LAT - Mike Memoli

> Yes

> LAT - Evan Handler

> Yes

> McClatchy - Anita Kumar

> Yes

> MSNBC - Alex Seitz-Wald

> Yes

> National Journal - Emily Schultheis

> Yes

> NBC – Mark Murray

> Yes

> NPR – Tamara Keith

> Yes

> NPR - Mara Liassion

> Yes

> NYT - Amy Chozik

> Yes

> NYT - Maggie Haberman

> Yes

> Politico - Annie Karni

> Yes

> Politico - Gabe Debenedetti

> Yes

> Reuters - Amanda Becker

> The Hill - Amie Parnes

> Yes

> Washington Post - Anne Gearan

> Yes

> WSJ - Laura Meckler

> Yes

> WSJ - Peter Nicholas

> Yes

> WSJ - Colleen McCain Nelson

Staggering, unacceptable collusion.

No longer a conspiracy theory — now just a conspiracy, right out in the open, for all to see.

As we have said more often than most, Pizzagate is real, and John Podesta needs to go to prison for it.

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From Jeffrey Epstein's Island To John Podesta's Spiritcooking Emails, Trust FULCRUM DC!

More than a few of you were deeply disturbed by news that former Podesta Group lobbyists have begun to crowd FULCRUM News off the Internet by promoting and search engine optimizing an identically named outfit — FULCRUM DC — which has nothing in common with us, and which is using our brand name without permission 2.5 years after we launched, and more than a year after our move to Washington, DC.

We have notified Oscar Ramirez on Twitter and informed him to stop using our name.

And we certainly have no plans to leave DC — the attempt to set me up for ruin in court failed miserably, and FULCRUM is currently shopping for new legal representation! Yay!

Since our ad-free real news operation launched, this web site has been viewed/read more than 800,000 times, our Facebook videos are followed by 11,000 of you and frequently go viral (see some of our recent hits below), and our exclusive weekly research newsletter continues to grow in size and reputation.

We called the crypto rally, we analyzed the Podesta spiritcooking emails properly, and we have weathered the worst Internet censorship in history — with my personal YouTube account, and our company YouTube channel, both being nuked into oblivion.

We continue to update the public on the disturbing Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and allegations of child trafficking connected to him and his private island.

They don’t like that we were competently outing the truth of our strange world.

We will never go away, and we won’t let our audience down.

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FULCRUM News DC Literally Doesn't Know Oscar Ramirez

Former Podesta Group lobbyist and self-described “Obama appointee” Oscar T Ramirez has begun marketing himself throughout Washington, DC as a “co-founder” of FULCRUM DC, and yet we have never heard of the man.

On the strength of the FULCRUM brand, Ramirez has already signed CVS and USAA as consulting clients.

Never met him, never heard of him, never had any dealings with Oscar Ramirez.

WHO is this? He co-founded our high traffic news blog, yet we have never interacted with him? Feels like gaslight psyop trash.

WHO is this? He co-founded our high traffic news blog, yet we have never interacted with him? Feels like gaslight psyop trash.

What is this amateur hour?

So a man who used to work for the Podestas wants to — without our permission — almost impossibly call himself the co-founder of our influential news blog, read by 800,000+ people to date without taking even $0 in ad money since our launch in January 2017, at the Inauguration.

This is wild hubris. Who the fuck is this, and why is he claiming association with FULCRUM DC? Get your own brand name, creep.

And your former boss is suspected of being involved in underage sex trafficking. Some of his closest colleagues have been charged with such crimes already, including Democrat lobbyist George Nader, who was named in the Mueller report.

The more attacks we face, the more I think we were right about it all.

Crypto isn’t retarded like Qtards claim it is, it’s the future of everything.

A handful of families — literally child trafficker families who torture kids, in some cases — control 70%+ of the fiat currency on the planet. Fact.

And now even President Trump’s former chief advisor, Steve Bannon, is rallying behind cryptocurrency — calling it a global populist revolt, which it is! Against old Soros, the Rothschilds, and other legacy trash.

Wherever the dust settles, FULCRUM will be there.


Reject all impostors — including Ramirez.

Mueller "Key Witness" Charged With Child Sex Trafficking — THIS IS PIZZAGATE, IT'S HAPPENING

If you see something, say something: even  The Atlantic  sees some truth in all the allegations.

If you see something, say something: even The Atlantic sees some truth in all the allegations.

How can anyone, even big liberal magazines who despise “conspiracy theories” and right-wing paranoia of all flavors, not see something here? In fact, even they admit there is something here! The Atlantic recently praised FULCRUM’s outspoken founder:

Just this morning, President Donald Trump told reporters that Alex Acosta was stepping down as Secretary of Labor amid mounting outrage over the sweetheart deal he gave Epstein years ago as a federal prosecutor. The resignation will surely draw more attention to what Epstein got away with over the years—and who helped him.

It should not come as a surprise that some of America’s most outspoken conspiracists have spent the days since Epstein’s arrest taking victory laps.

“I definitely see it as a moment of vindication,” David Seaman, a chief proponent of the so-called Pizzagate conspiracy theory, told me. “I think this is a turning point.”

Jeffrey Epstein, billionaire alleged child sex trafficker, is in lock-up on similar charges in the Southern District of New York as George Nader, the D.C. businessman “who served as a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation now faces a charge of child sex trafficking in addition to transporting child pornography,” according to the AP and Yahoo! News.

Nader was reportedly charged “with transporting a 14-year-old boy from Europe to Washington, D.C., in February 2000 and engaging in sex acts with him.”

Nader is not expected to be the only personality mentioned in the Mueller report to be charged with engaging in underage sex acts.

This is PizzaGate, or Pedogate as some have taken to calling it, and this is our community’s moment of vindication — we stood with the uncomfortable truth, which is what good researchers and trained journalists are supposed to do. We didn’t buckle under pressure, we didn’t take money to distract the public with QANON riddles or feel-good “hopeporn,” we stood by the big uncomfortable truth:

These people rape kids. The so-called elite lobbying class engages in underage sex acts, on a scale that many members of the public will have trouble accepting.

In our other areas of research lately, including CBD health and cryptocurrency markets, we stand even more vindicated — a research team here in Washington, DC with no evident equals.

Wild cryptocurrency rally in 2019, few were expecting it aside from FULCRUM — and our subscribers!

Wild cryptocurrency rally in 2019, few were expecting it aside from FULCRUM — and our subscribers!

Our book on cryptocurrency’s current state of affairs was released last year, when Ether was trading around $140 each. As of today, one Ether is worth $226.18, according to Aside from Ether, we have been most bullish on Bitcoin, which has done spectacularly this year — at a time when many in the truth community lost the faith, and asserted that Bitcoin’s brightest days were behind it.

Over the prior six months, one Bitcoin is up nearly 200% in US dollar value.

And major US merchants including Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Petco have begun accepting Bitcoin, Ether, and some other leading cryptos via the Flexa app.

Different world from a year ago, and we called it accurately, repeatedly, and in earnest.

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'Pizzagate' Child Slavery Arrests Addressed At G20 Summit!

Via France24: "These accusations, if confirmed, are frightening and shocking," Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said at the G20 meeting in Japan.

The accused include psychotherapists working for a social work association in Moncalieri, near Turin, and the mayor of Bibbiano.

It was always real. Didn't fuck up 2.5 years of my life to sell my out of print marketing book from 12 years ago. It was always completely real.

Congrats from FULCRUM to populist Italian P.M. Giuseppe Conte to be the first to address these startling arrests. Where are everyone else’s voices? This is big.

Share accordingly. It was always real. What a strange world we are emerging from, huh?

"Dr Pizza" Arrest Vindicates Pizzagaters, Bitcoin Roars Above US $8,400 on China Trade Tensions, And More News

Well, well, well. As unlikely as it may sound to some, the Pizzagate truth community was handed a long overdue victory in the F.B.I. arrest and subsequent imprisonment without bail of Dr. Pizza, as he was known on Twitter.

Dr. Pizza, whose real name is Peter Bright, happens to be an outspoken Trump critic, and was one of the loudest critics of “Pizzagate” when it went viral about two years ago on the Internet. To recap, Pizzagate was the truthful claim that pedophiles use a code language, including the word “pizza,” to denote a young female child - in much the same way that cannabis users have, in the past, evaded detection by using code words such as “lettuce” or whatever else to disguise their discussions while in mixed company.

Pizzagate researchers also asserted that this odd code language was found throughout the WikiLeaks emails of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta. This claim is demonstrably true, and has been a frequent topic of FULCRUM’s news coverage.

Dr. Pizza took personal exception to our founder’s truthful groundbreaking coverage of Pizzagate, Pedogate, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pizza took personal exception to our founder’s truthful groundbreaking coverage of Pizzagate, Pedogate, or whatever you want to call it.

Dr. Pizza’s downfall is another chink in the armor of people, especially those in media, attempting to deny the scope of this scandal. Peter Bright was a popular journalist on the left, and a loud Pizzagate denier, even going so far as to personally reply to some of our founder’s tweets about Pizzagate at the time.

"He got vindicated because of Dr. Pizza. It's fucking real, man, sorry,” the livestreamer Defango reportedly said on his show the other night.

And that does appear to be the case.

Bitcoin’s fantastic 2019 recovery so far.

Bitcoin’s fantastic 2019 recovery so far.

In less depressing news, cryptocurrency markets led by Bitcoin continued to gain on Friday, with Bitcoin up 3.4% or so over the last 24 hours, according to #2 cryptocurrency network by market capitalization, Ethereum, is down half a percent or so over the same time period, yet is still up substantially in US dollar value - up by about 26% - when you move out to the monthly chart.

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NXIVM: The Sex Slave Cult Linked to the Clintons


allison mack.jpg

Smallville actress Allison Mack was arrested last week for her involvement in the NXIVM sex cult scandal in Albany, New York. Law enforcement officials state Mack is considered to be a co-conspirator to NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere. According to recently released court documents, Keith "Vanguard" Raniere and Allison Mack have been indicted on Sex Trafficking, Sex Trafficking Conspiracy, and Conspiracy to Commit Forced Labor. Alleged victims in the documents are labeled "Jane Doe 1" and "Jane Doe 2" which often occurs in cases involving minors. The indictments cite Title 18, United States Code "Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, or coercion." This means there was either sex trafficking of children or of adults, details are not yet clear.  Sections listed [1591 a1,2, 1591 b1] point to sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion with the possibility at least one of the victims "had not attained the age of 14 years at the time of such offense." There are clear indications this investigation may involve child sex trafficking. Allison Mack is said to be negotiating a plea deal in exchange for testimony against Raniere. She has been granted $5 million dollar bail with house arrest.


On Monday, authorities finally closed in on NXIVM co founder Keith Raniere. NXIVM initially claimed to be a self-help organization but has been controversial for years with rumors of it being a cult. Raniere has been on the run since last year after several women involved in the group came forward with accusations of torture rituals including branding, sex trafficking, and forced labor. 

Headline photo.jpg

Keith Raniere, high-level NXIVM officials, President Nancy Salzman, Seagram Heiresses Clare, and Sara Bronfman, are now under FBI investigation. As details emerge, it is blatant this group has been well connected with many high power individuals including Senator Kristen Gillibrand and failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. 

In 2007, the New York Post reported that top executives and associates of NXIVM and their family members donated $29,000 to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Each of them maxed out their donation limit at $2,300. 

This was discovered following the arrest of Norman Hsu, a wealthy businessman who was able to raise $1.5 million in campaign contributions to Clinton and other Democrats. Hsu was charged with operating a $60 million Ponzi scheme and imprisoned. Many states also alleged Keith Raniere was running a Ponzi scheme called Consumer Buyline Inc. However, he was able to get away with only a few fines.  Link HERE

At that time, the Clinton campaign downplayed the contributions from NXIVM. Yet, Hillary was not the only Clinton accepting funds from NXIVM officials, even though they were purported to be running a cult that “defrauded devotees, shattered families and drove at least one person to suicide.” The suicide victim, Kristin Snyder, wrote in her journal prior to allegedly drowning herself: 

“I was brainwashed and my emotional center of the brain was killed/turned off.” 

This was after a series of Synder undergoing expensive, “intensive” studies in the organization. Her body was never found.

Regardless, at least 3 NXIVM officials, Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters, were allowed to become members of Bill Clinton’s organization, the Clinton Global Initiative. Their membership is significant considering CGI membership is by invitation only with a pledge of at least $15,000 per year. 

Democrat Senator Gillibrand has been ensnared in the scandal as well, considering her father Doug Rutnik was once a lobbyist for NXIVM and Raniere. After the senator denied having prior knowledge to the activities, GOP candidate Chele Farley states “For Kristen Gillibrand, the self-proclaimed #MeToo Senator, to claim ignorance about a notorious sex-slave cult, in her own backyard, is simply hard to believe.”  

DOS: The Secret Society

According to the FBI criminal complaint, Raniere (also known as “The Vanguard”) founded an umbrella company called Executive Success Programs, INC (ESP). Under this umbrella company, he set up NXIVM headquarters in Albany, New York. Today, the company operates all over the Americas including the United States, Central America, Mexico and Canada. 

The organization attracts its victims by offering classes which promise personal and professional development. They are told in order to reach certain levels they must keep paying, go to classes and recruit others to join. 

In 2015, a secret society was formed within NXIVM called the DOS. DOS is an organized criminal organization operating in the district of New York, other parts of the US, Canada, and Mexico. According to the document, DOS engages in “interstate and foreign commerce.” DOS works in pyramid formation with different hierarchal levels of slaves who are headed by masters. Slaves are forced to constantly recruit slaves of their own for grooming purposes. Raniere, of course, operates as the highest level of masters. According to the women coming forward, they stayed in the cult, even though they were forced into sex, torture and doing other “favors” for their masters, due to brainwashing and blackmail.

Read the FBI criminal complaint HERE.

additional photo.jpg

It has been estimated about at least 12,000 people have attended NXIVM classes. Notable clients include Richard Branson, Antonia Novello (former Surgeon General) and Vincente Fox’s daughter, Ana Fox. Hollywood actress Allison Mack also joined the group and escalated herself into “top slave” after recruiting other actors and actresses. The Dalai Lama even accepted the invitation to speak at World Ethical Foundations Consortium, an organization founded by the Raniere and the Bronfman sisters.

The Bronfman sisters appear to be the major financial backers of this criminal organization. They come from an immensely affluent family and are heiresses to the Bronfman billionaire fortune after their father Edgar passed. Edgar Bronfman was also born into wealth, his father Samuel opened up Seagram Company Ltd. after leaving the Soviet Union. After taking over the company, Edgar later became the President of the World Jewish Congress where he gathered ties to global leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, the Clintons, Obamas, and the Bush family. Because of this family history, the Bronfman sisters have far-reaching contacts throughout the world. 

Throughout the years, the sisters have given Raniere millions of dollars and paid for private air travel worth about $65,000 a flight. Clare Bronfman would constantly fly the cult leader out to her one of her private islands, in Fiji. Recent reports now state that NXIVM physician Dr. Brandon Porter administered “experiments” on some of the women. Apparently, he would show them footage of other women being murdered and dismembered while examining their brainwaves and video recording their reactions. Despite close involvement with Raniere and revelations about the NXIVM affiliated doctor, the Bronfman sisters still maintain their ignorance regarding the egregiously illegal activities within their company. 

New details on the case are constantly being released after the detainment of Keith Raniere. It is impossible to know just how damaging this scandal will be to some of the wealthiest elite circles; but the potentiality is astronomical with clear ties already appearing from Hollywood celebrities, businessmen, and politicians.

Written By Fulcrum Contributor Yvonne Parkinson