OPINION: Where Are The Watchmen?

by Jeremy Smith, FULCRUM

Where do I start in this mess? How does one even begin in a world where chaos and confusion reign supreme?

The world is weirder than we thought, that much is certain.

The world is weirder than we thought, that much is certain.

Clown world has now ramped up to a new level. Demon world?

Black pilled doesn’t do it justice now. Oblivion pilled, never to return? How does one navigate through this insanity?

We live in a world where literal coup plotters can get caught red handed, but justice never catches up to them. No matter how many predictions and promises from Q, no BOOMS ever come. No swamp draining ever occurs. I have a bad feeling we’ll be waiting on these things to happen for an eternity.

We live in a world where elite pedophiles can get off the hook and get special treatment in prison.

We live in a world where those same pedophiles finally look like they might meet lady justice head on, only to watch them slip through the cracks AGAIN. Let’s not fool ourselves. We’ve been lied to so much, who could blame any of us for doubting “official narratives.” Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide…. I also have oceanfront property to sell you in West Virginia.

The only good news? People are starting to wake up. I’m not talking about those of us who’ve seen for a long time… I’m talking about normies… people who usually buy the MSM narrative. Now, even they realize, “whoa… we’ve been lied to.” The next progression is, “if they’d lie about something as big as Epstein’s suicide, what else have they lied to us about?”

9/11? Bin Laden? The Vegas massacre? On and on and on it will go… an avalanche of doubt (and with good reason).

This is the good news.

John McAfee, in a recent interview, said, “the government shouldn’t underestimate the intelligence of the American people… they’ve been in a sleep state and are starting to wake up!”

Where does this lead us?


Never in my life have I seen a story cause so much trouble. Ever since PizzaGate broke, whether some, none, or all of it is real, pandemonium has ensued. The media had Alefantis on one time, and whammy, a few lawsuits later, too many of us washed our hands too quick.

Do I think children were literally EATEN in a pizza joint? No.

Do I think children were being trafficked out of that place? No.

Does that mean every ounce of it - every theme there - every element of that tale is a conspiracy theory (which might end up being a thought crime here soon, by the way)?

Not a chance - not on your life.

We all saw the pictures, no matter how hard some try to deny it… no matter how hard some try to paint the picture of Wikileaks being compromised and those symbols, faked.

Funny… I’ve seen admitted MAPs proudly use those same symbols on social media. Those codes? Cheese pizza, so on, and so forth? These are known terms used on the black market to peddle child porn. These aren’t theories, folks… these are FACTS. Why some choose to write that off because of one loon (actor) who shoots into Comet, is beyond me. That shooter doesn’t change the facts.

Can these “facts” hold up in a court of law? No, BUT, can coup plotters get away with blatant crimes? Yes. Can KNOWN child traffickers fly to the four corners of the earth and own temples on secluded islands? Can presidents and top notch lawyers fly on pedophile planes in the sky with no repercussions?

Here are some facts:

Alefantis’ Instagram was creepy. We have occult symbolism? Check. We have beyond awkward photos of kids in pretend bondage? Check. We have bizarre looking men in “I love children” shirts? Check. Do the math. Stop caring if you look cool or logical. Is this proof that would hold up in court? No… but it’s awfully weird. Come on. Heavy Breathing? Nothing to see there, I guess. Legit pedophilic jokes are just jokes, I guess. Would you let your kids hang out with Majestic Ape? What about the strange artwork of ritualistic scenes? Little spirits leaving little bodies… big bodies with wands laying over little bodies… sexual implications galore. Come on, people. Wake up.

Pedophilia isn’t a left vs. right thing, BUT, let’s be honest. Out of both flawed sides, the left openly promotes “love knows no age.” The left promotes, “anything goes.” I personally think that entire block where Comet sits catered to all, including pedos. It’s the way of the left in the present day. They’ve drove it so far to the left, it went off the rails.

Can I prove in a court of law that Podesta’s emails contained pedo code? No, I can’t, but does that make them any less strange? I’ve been watching food shows for decades. Not once have I heard walnut sauce mentioned, let alone numerous times with strange context. I can prove that he was invited to a spirit cooking ritual, though. I can prove the word “Thelema” was used (more on this soon). What about Dr. Pizza? Was he simply a pizza lover, or was their deeper meaning in that handle?

What about the mysterious adrenochrome? Is it real - is it fake? Was Hunter S. being fantastical or kidding around? That I cannot tell you, but blood sacrifice has been all too real throughout the ages. Hunter S. also talked about the “football months where crazed pedos kidnap children off the streets to sell as sex slaves.” Was that a joke too? Fantasy? Is pedophilia itself a conspiracy theory? Why are the Clintons tied to an epipen company?

When asked about a strange picture on the wall of his office, John Podesta said, “it’s better to be the guy with the fork than the guy on the table.” It doesn’t take a genius to see that is a Satanic creed. If you can’t believe John’s emails are nefarious, what about his brother, Tony? In his own words he owns a bunker style theater to view “dangerous art.” Judging by the art he deems safe to show out of his home, I’d hate to see what he thinks is “dangerous art.”

As if all of this combined wasn’t enough to make you stop and think, “this might be more than a wacky conspiracy theory,” let’s look at the father of spirit cooking, Aleister Crowley. Marina Abramovic, herself, is an admitted Crowley-ite. What was it she said? “If done in a public setting, it’s art… if done in a private setting, though?” Crowley was tapped in to the darkest energies in this universe. If you need a reminder, look up his poetry book, “White Stains.” I won’t go into detail here, but in that book is a poem entitled, “An Ode to Passive Pederasty.” Beastiality is also a theme in this book. I don’t need QAnon to tell me that these people are sick. Pardon me if I’m a bit suspicious of powerful people in my government who are tied to Crowley, and also possibly tied to pedophilia. How many coincidences can be ignored?

Let’s look at the new hit show, “Strange Angel,” about Jack Parsons. Parsons was alleged to be a devout Crowley-ite. Sex magik is the key. Parsons and his OWN MOTHER allegedly engaged in sex rituals. Pardon me if it seems like this entire culture of alleged Satanic pedos are uncloaking right before our eyes. They want us to know. There’s power in them showing us. How many years has Hollywood shoved this Illuminati/Satanic imagery down our throats? How many decades, actually? It’s not hard to see… they WANT us to see.

Where does this bring us back to? Epstein. Epstein is the key that makes these “conspiracy theories” a reality. People are waking up now. Don’t be so quick to write this off. Don’t be so quick to poo poo something you can’t handle. Not all of us have abandoned the watchtowers. We need watchmen in the watchtowers looking out for wolves. What I’ve detailed is more than enough to make anyone suspicious. Maybe terms like PizzaGate and psyops like QAnon are used to make real life wickedness look goofy and muddy the waters of truth.

I personally don’t care what label is given to this subject… PizzaGate, PedoGate, makes no difference. The fact is there’s a culture of unspeakable wickedness in this world, and through Epstein, we’ve all seen more than enough to be suspicious. Don’t abandon the watchtowers because it won’t “hold up in a court of law.” We have a right to be suspicious. —JS