Prince Andrew's Royal Reps Despicably Question Validity of Valid Photo of Andrew w/ Underage Epstein Victim

Even by the low moral standards Prince Andrew has set for himself, this is shocking.

Even by the low moral standards Prince Andrew has set for himself, this is shocking.

Now under royal scrutiny: A genuine picture of Prince Andrew grinning with his arm around one of Jeffrey Epstein’s primary legal accusers, who was a child at the time Epstein flew her around the world and offered her “services” to some of the convicted billionaire pedo’s social circle, court papers assert.

Ghislaine Maxwell, as yet remarkably still un-indicted, looms in the background of the photo.

So, we see, those supposedly so compassionate toward the victims of child sex trafficking have a weird penchant for shutting down investigations, intimidating investigators, and gaslighting away public awareness from the headlines that would cause the public to make this a top law enforcement priority. Odd!

Do they really want to go here? What about the photo, or Virginia Giuffre’s disturbing claims about Jeffrey Epstein and his nearly 1,000 “elite” wealthy friends, is not genuine? Constant gaslighting is not remorse, it’s pathetic.

Why did so many in the media refuse to cover the allegations against Epstein and his friends in a timely fashion? Why did some leading names in the broadcast media actually attend a celebration dinner hosted by Epstein at his house, after his release from prison the first time around? Why so much weirdness around the details of Epstein’s alleged suicide while in one of the most monitored correctional facilities in the world?

Why do the wealthy elite in America and Europe seem singularly obsessed with hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein in awkward public encounters, and child sex predation? What possible legitimate reason could there be for flying on Epstein’s infamously named Lolita Express 20+ times, as former President Clinton has? Why does Clinton-linked Daily Beast continue to appear on the homepage of MSN and Yahoo! in the States? (when its presentation of the news—and especially its analysis of the truthful Pizzagate scandal—appears to be materially biased agitprop, set out at the behest of the Clintons, and not public interest journalism.

Why has Google-owned YouTube refused to restore service to FULCRUM News, David Seaman, Infowars and other truthful purveyors of Pedogate/Pizzagate information, and instead reversed course from its earlier surprising public stance of allowing “opposing views” back onto their “open” platform? Why all the top-down Big Tech censorship of an underage sex scandal that implicates billionaires, and Big Tech executives?

Why has a former John Podesta employee launched a lobbying firm here in DC, remarkably calling it FULCRUM DC and trying to bury us in search results so that his firm can rank for that term, when we’ve gone by FULCRUM DC publicly on our timestamped social media and have been based in the D.C. area for some time now… when we questioned him about this, he blocked our FULCRUM DC Twitter account from further contact.

What is all this nonsense? Continue reading:

Researchers have directly linked Jeffrey Epstein socially to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Manager, and to James Alefantis — a shadowy restaurant proprietor and close friend of Barack Obama’s who visited the Obama-era White House at least five times, according to public records.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reportedly flew on Epstein’s infamous private jet, dubbed the Lolita Express by the media, years after Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from minors.

DEVELOPING: 14 Or More Jeffrey Epstein Victims Willing To Testify

In a developing story being covered by Zero Hedge and others in greater detail, it appears 14 or more victims have come forward at the request of the FBI and lawyers representing the existing known alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire Democrat pedophile.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on new charges out of New York last weekend.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on new charges out of New York last weekend.

As the Miami Herald reported, “Following Epstein’s arrest Saturday in New Jersey, four women have reached out to New York lawyer David Boies, and at least 10 other women have approached other lawyers who have represented dozens of Epstein’s alleged victims in the past.”

This seems to be yet another substantial dent in the armor of the well-connected billionaire pedophile Epstein, who is known to be friends with the Clintons and many others in positions of power.

The case is being handled by the public corruption unit in New York, with assistance from the FBI and NYPD reportedly, leading many to believe the Epstein blackmail safe may implicate big names in politics, finance, or entertainment.

We could be in for one disruptive real news summer! Be sure to bookmark FULCRUM so you don’t miss any of our future coverage on the Epstein scandal.

THE ISLAND: Dental Chairs, Industrial Shredders

Truth: it’s stranger than fiction. Welcome to 2019.

Truth: it’s stranger than fiction. Welcome to 2019.

Make no mistake, Epstein and Podesta ran in the same circles, with the Clintons at the epicenter of both. This is PizzaGate, and we are now massively vindicated. Yet, it’s only Wednesday, and many surprises are in store.

Epstein and Podesta will be infamous.

Epstein and Podesta will be infamous.

Watch today’s show, where I talk about rapidly rising mainstream media interest in the Podesta / Epstein super-scandal known as Pedogate, or “PizzaGate,” originally when it broke back in late 2016 around the use of “pizza” in John Podesta’s WikiLeaks.

Today’s FULCRUM multistream:

Pedogate: What Did Avicii Know?

On April 20th, famous Swedish EDM DJ Avicii reportedly died in Muscat, Oman. Mainstream media has claimed it as an apparent suicide, family members stated in a letter to the press, “He could not go on any longer. He wanted to find peace.” There were no significant details until just recently, however. According to TMZ, sources now say he committed suicide with shards of glass from a wine bottle. One source said it was a cut to his neck, another one says it was to his wrist. While many will speculate on his death, it is important to look at his life, his artistry and what he attempted to display to the world.

Avicii was suffering from a lengthy battle with acute pancreatitis caused by excessive and chronic alcohol consumption, a common issue with celebrities. Many artists have explained their drug and alcohol usage as a method utilized to deal with the industry and soothe their mental afflictions or disorders. But is this merely due to their sensitive, artistic nature, or a product of a sick and dysfunctional environment? 

Born Tim Bergling, he became known as “Avicii” which is a term used to describe the “lowest level of the Naraka or ‘hell’ realm where the dead who have committed grave misdeeds may be reborn. Avici is considered a Hot Naraka where beings are roasted in an enormous fiery oven with terrible suffering. People sent to Avici Hell are considered criminals of the highest degree. These are people who commit one or more of the “5 Grave Offenses” including killing one’s mother or killing one’s father.

Just last year Avicii was reportedly talking about undergoing a “moment of spiritual rebirth,” he was traveling the world and relaunching his life and career. He appeared to have a different, more improved outlook on life. Avicii’s brother, David Bergling, informed media outlets that he was going to Oman to “seek answers” surrounding this sudden death. Bergling is staying only a few miles from Muscat Hills, where Avicii is said to have died. Swedish outlets reported Avicii had checked out of Muscat Hills the week before this tragedy, another reason why Bergling would want to look into the days leading up to his brother's untimely death.

His other family members such as half-brother, Anton Korberg, has not joined this search for answers. After newly released hits such as “For Every Step” with Dead By April, Anton’s father Tommy Korberg remains a famous celebrity. He made a brief statement, “I’ve known him since he was little...It’s tragic, considering his mother and brother.” Fans have also speculated on several pictures taken prior to his death in which he appears to have a bruised right eye. 

Avicii in Oman prior to his death.

Avicii in Oman prior to his death.

Muscat, Oman has become a hotspot for human trafficking activity as many transits from India, the Philippines and others find themselves there. 

The past few years Royal Oman officials have made significant strides in order to slow down this activity, especially within recent times. Just last month hundreds were arrested for violating labor laws and human trafficking in Muscat.  According to the Daily Mail Muscat Hills (the luxury farmhouse believed to be where Avicii passed away) was said to belong to a relative of the Sultan of Oman. The same Royal Sultan who has issued major crackdowns in trafficking crimes. 

It has become well known Avicii was passionate about raising awareness regarding the child trafficking epidemic. He directed his own music video entitled “For A Better Day” in a graphic, yet powerful, display of the world of child trafficking. In the video, he shows 2 victims who were able to escape their traffickers; they later go on to slaughter all of those involved in the crimes. The survivors compile a list of all offenders, the last one is the politician who purchased and imprisoned them on what appeared to be a farm. One of the last scenes depicts an angry mob of people outside of the politician’s building, the 2 hooded vigilantes sneak in and brand the man with the word “Pedofile” on his back. They then hang him with a rope off of the building rooftop for all the outraged citizens to see.

Just as many artists before him, we may never know the exact details surrounding Avicii's death. However, we do know that whatever he did or was involved in, he attempted to turn his life around and highlight the epidemic known today as "modern day slavery." Millions of people have seen the "For A Better Day" music video and perhaps may look back on it to see the underlying message: Yes, there are currently politicians in our governments that are highly involved in child trafficking and it is time the rest of the world recognizes this horrific reality.   

Scene from "For a Better Day" music video.

Scene from "For a Better Day" music video.


Written By Fulcrum Contributor:

Yvonne Parkinson

BACKPAGE: Online Child Trafficking Protected By Google, Government & George Soros


Backpage officially pleads guilty to human trafficking in the Texas case. According to the newly released court documents from United States Of America v. Michael Lacey, Backpage founder Lacey has been coordinating with Perkins Coie. Perkins Coie is the law firm which represents the DNC and allegedly funneled money to Fusion GPS for the Russian dossier. Could Backpage be the company that takes them all down? 




Popular sex advertising website was shut down and seized on Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the notification, the website and its affiliates were seized under the enforcement of several other agencies including the U.S Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona, the Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Department of Justice’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section. The founders of Backpage, Michael Lacey, Jim Larkin, and CEO Carl Ferrer, have been fighting a slew of legal battles the past few years. The owners are consistently accused of facilitating human trafficking on their website in a variety of different methods. 

The documentary film I am Jane Doe presents a detailed journey of multiple child sex trafficking victims and their families fighting for justice. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) 75% of child sex trafficking reports were derived from Backpage. Due to these numbers, this makes it the #1 used website for online child trafficking. For years, Backpage has been known to be a site in which sex traffickers gained easy access for the advertisement of women and children, making it a magnet for online trafficking crimes.


In one personal story, a mother named Kubiiki Pride found her missing 13 year old daughter on Backpage with provocative pictures of her posted in the escorts section. Kubiiki Pride was forced to purchase her daughter back from the trafficker in order to secure her safe return home. Her trafficker was later jailed, however, Pride also expressed great concern for the website which remained unaccountable. After reaching out to the company, Pride states they refused to take down the explicit photographs of her daughter despite the imprisonment of her trafficker. Enraged at the inaction of the company, they decided to file a lawsuit claiming the site as well as parent company Village Voice Media Holdings, were complicit in the trafficking of children. Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, it was ruled that Backpage should have no liability for the crimes committed on their site. Unfortunately, this was a common theme as the company continuously won numerous lawsuits in the past decade. Article Here

Lawyers working the cases were baffled, the company remaining unscathed seemed to be a “mystery.” But Backpage owners accumulated massive amounts of wealth over the years, making it nearly impossible to go up against them. In its initial stages, Backpage acquired a net income of $5 million annually; by 2015 they were making $153.8 million per year.



Attorney Erik Bauer, representing underage children who were advertised in Seattle, was finally able to get his case to the Washington State Supreme Court. Their argument was that the company was deeply involved with assisting the traffickers in the creation of their content. Backpage appeared to have “coached” the criminals into using particular wording as to remain undetected by law enforcement. Their posting rules seemingly provided guidelines for traffickers to continue with their criminal activities. For example, the site would recommend posters spell out telephone numbers in order to make it difficult for the FBI to track. Additionally, they would advise them to utilize prepaid cards instead of debit or credit cards to stay anonymous. Additionally, the “Banned Terms List” was altered frequently. In a feigned effort to “crack down” on traffickers, Backpage stated they utilized a list of banned terms for their site. These terms included words such as “Teen” or “School Girl.” Yet no sooner was the list implemented, it was then reversed. Other times, if the words were not unbanned, common code language was promoted as a clear depiction of young children. In the end, judges ruled that the website did not “maintain neutral policies.” One judge implied the company was a “partner in crime” just as if they owned a site hosting “snuff films.” Link Here  

By 2015, CEO Carl Ferrer was ordered to testify in front of a Senate Subcommittee on Child Trafficking. Ferrer disregarded his subpoena and failed to appear in court. He became one of the very few citizens to be held in Contempt of Congress. Meanwhile, a company-wide email was sent out laying off the majority of its moderators and advising to seek council immediately, should they be asked to testify. Ferrer was eventually arrested, however, a judge ruled this violated the CDA 230 and promptly released him. 

In 2016, the Backpage founders and CEO found themselves in another legal bind with pimping charges coming from California’s then-Attorney General Kamala Harris. The case, however, was quickly swept under the rug. In October, co-founder Jim Larkin donated $10,000 to Nancy Pelosi super PAC (House Majority PAC), a committee which also contributed to Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. Merely 2 months later, the case was dropped by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Lawrence Brown who also cited CDA 230. According to The Washington Times, the owners have a history of being a major contributor in politics. Since 2010, they have been recorded as giving $99,000 to candidates and $95,000 to various Democratic parties. Link Here

Yet, politicians, judges, and super PACs aren't the only powerful entities who protected Backpage throughout the years. According to I am Jane Doe, several groups provided millions of dollars in financial support to Backpage during their legal battles. The main groups include the Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Center for Democracy and Technology. The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) contains the following major institutions: 

AT&T, Facebook, Ford Foundation, Google, Inc. MacArthur Foundation, Markle Foundation, Microsoft, Yahoo, and even the George Soros backed Open Society Institute. 

The majority of them provided millions of dollars in support to a company with serious serial accusations of child trafficking facilitation. Soros’ Open Society Institute donated nearly $2 million dollars to the CDT in 2014 alone. In 2017, Consumer Watchdog compiled a 48 page report entitled “How Google’s Backing of BackPage Protects Child Sex Trafficking.”  Documents Here 

Google has also recently come under fire for insinuating child sex ads are “free speech.” They continuously refuse to distance themselves from Backpage even after a letter was sent to Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sundar Pichai from the parents of the victims pleading with them to cease their support.  

Now that the founders have been arrested following the raiding of their homes, there is much anticipation to see how many people this scandal will entrap and who will be the next major figure to fall. However, one thing is for certain. President Trump has taken the lead on halting the human trafficking epidemic; this is a fact the media can no longer hide. With 80% of the child trafficking victims being advertised on Backpage, this is an enormous blow to the child trafficking industry. As Trump said, he plans to put “the full weight” of the government behind stopping these criminals, including seizing the assets of serious human rights abusers as stated in the recently signed Executive Order #13818.



Written By Fulcrum Contributor Yvonne Parkinson