VIRAL: Joe Biden's Painful "Corn Pop" Gaffe Makes No Sense

Joe Biden reminisces about his mythical adversary, "Corn Pop."

Joe Biden reminisces about his mythical adversary, "Corn Pop."

What even is this, folks? And at what point do we very politely stop calling these “gaffes,” and start calling them what they are—signs Joe Biden is not mentally viable as a Presidential candidate for 2020, regardless of your politics, this does not instill confidence. It’s sad—is this a stream of consciousness poem or something from Creepy Joe, I mean, truly…

Here’s the clip of the bizarre ramble from 2020’s presumed Democratic frontrunner:

And this weekend’s updates from the nation’s capitol, in a short video from David. Still a strong likelihood of Andrew McCabe being indicted, watch here—

DISCUSSION: Is Epstein Arrest Going To Bring Down Political Families?

How deep does the rabbit hole go? Who is in the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail safe, which was recently opened up by authorities? How can the public be sure that top level insiders don’t remove any files from the safe, and how can the anxious public also ensure all parties incriminated by the files are promptly prosecuted? No one’s above the law. Not now.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 1.49.27 PM.png

If it is true, as some researchers assert, that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was financed and greenlit by none other than the Rothschild banking clan to gather compromising content on politicians throughout the West, then we have a genuine national security concern to consider — how long have European, occult shadow banking families worth trillions been in secret command of our past leaders’ darkest, most perverse pleasures?

After all, at day’s end, there’s little normal about Jeffrey Epstein’s life story — the billionaire financier with only one known client and no known real large deals, the friend of President Clinton’s who flew on the same jet with the former President 20 or 30 times at a minimum, if not far more. The man who owns his very own weird 70-plus acre island in the Virgin Islands, an island with a glistening owl and other occult symbolism adorning a bizarre palm tree encircled temple.

So little to this story adds up so far. If Epstein’s crimes occurred in 2002-2005, as authorities in New York have asserted, why did we have an essentially non-functional justice system from 2005-2019? Why was Epstein flying back and forth from Paris, other cities, and his island as recently as earlier this year, and last year?

Who are these people?

And, in the wake of what journalists at The Intercept cleverly uncovered — an inventory of items shipped to and from Epstein’s island — what were these people doing with their victims?

How did Jeffrey Epstein get away with it… for all these years? How many in media knew?

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Unprecedented FULCRUM Growth As White House Social Media Summit Delivers For The Right

The White House Social Media Summit sent shockwaves through, err, well, social media today — FULCRUM has noticed that both our Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope presences now appear organic, which is to say, not throttled or rate-limited in any way. We are reaching lots of people again.

FULCRUM traffic is back on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Fulcrum.News. Smells like freedom!

FULCRUM traffic is back on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Fulcrum.News. Smells like freedom!

FULCRUM did not attend, nor did we seek invitation to, the summit — in order to maintain our impartiality here in Washington. We did, however, submit complaints when the White House solicited them about a month ago, and those complaints focused on the very platforms we are now seeing the most amazing growth from.

It’s almost as if we have been restored to our original following audiences, “with interest paid” on top of that. Truly great to be back, and the multistream saw all-time high viewer and chat numbers last night. The next full show is tonight @ 6pm EST on I’m very satisfied, which is a weird feeling for someone as type A as I am. The Trumps might be everything we thought they were on Inauguration Day, and then some. They’re not telling us how to live. They’re just leading a country that went astray for a little while, perhaps (see “The Island”). Leading it back to greatness, in a hurry.

UPDATES: Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Blackmail Safe Opened

Does the Democrat Party have an unchecked elite donor pedophile problem?

Does the Democrat Party have an unchecked elite donor pedophile problem?

DC bureau chief at The Intercept, Ryan Grim, tweeted out that CDs in Jeffrey Epstein's now opened up safe — which was seized from his Manhattan townhome — are labeled "Young [Name] + [Name]."

Thinking out loud here, sorry: Why has it taken authorities until Summer 2019 to raid this PREDATOR’s home?

SDNY’s detention memo had some sick details on Epstein’s blackmail safe.

SDNY’s detention memo had some sick details on Epstein’s blackmail safe.

According to Grim, it "looks an awful lot like they found the blackmail tapes."

Another blue checkmark reporter, Helen Kennedy, tweeted: "Feds report finding 'an extraordinary volume' of photographs of nude or partially nude girls in a locked safe. Also messages and notes with contact info for the victims which will be 'devastating evidence of guilt at any trial in this case.'"

Read more of our coverage on the Epstein indictment and arrest from earlier here.

In other news, leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin shot above US $13,000 per coin, on significant 24-hour trading volume of nearly $10 billion, according to data. Second place cryptocurrency Ether is back above $300, with 24-hour trading volume just shy of $3 billion.

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As 2020's Presidential election here in the US nears, I think Elite Democrat Degeneracy (think Epstein, Podesta, Ed Buck) as well as cryptocurrency policy will be defining flash points for voters. Can't wait for the games to begin…

MUST WATCH: Kamala Harris Cracks & Melts At Iowa Brewery

Welp, this is bizarre and already going viral over on Twitter. Although apparently these meltdowns are par for the course among increasingly unhinged mainstream Democrats looking to test the waters for 2020.

Senator Harris, a former California prosecutor, is running for President.

Past FULCRUM favorite gaffes have included being asked in an interview who her favorite musician is; “Bob Marley,” she replied. When asked which of his songs is her favorite, she replied, “Bob Marley.” You can’t make this stuff up.