Bitcoin: Clownworld deterrent!

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Sharp growth over the past week for the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Sharp growth over the past week for the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


Bitcoin $9,046.90

Ether $269.54

according to, as I write this Sunday update to you.

I'm glad crypto has come in, what does $9,046 for a coin even mean? What can you do with $9,046 that you can't do with $8,046, or what more can you do with $10,046 or $20,046?

This is not financial advice or a prediction, this is merely my view that sooner or later a bitcoin's value will probably unhinge from fiat currency thinking altogether, or become difficult - at a minimum - to price reasonably in fiat. A bitcoin is truly rare; only 21 million will ever exist. And now that major merchants take it as payment, I don't see a need to figure out what one is worth every hour.

I wish I had more, and more Ether, sticking with Pedogate and spending money on a lawyer and all the rest has not been good for me.

The public betraying me and siding with QANON bullshit fraud fakes instead, has not been good for me either.

What a sad clownworld. At least crypto is the antidote.

A sad clownworld that pretends to be so tough, yet can't handle the words "John Podesta Spiritcooks” or "Bitcoin Is Better Than Rothschild Slavery."

They take away your Google and your YouTube if you espouse those beliefs, but hey, people are wising up. I really think they are, and my proof is crypto markets - money is rushing in, because too many of us just don't trust clownworld anymore. Millions of us are over these freaks, forever.

New paradigms are imminent, as I discussed in Lighting The Way.

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